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Hi All:

Below are the show notes to my latest podcast answering the claims in the JW Tract "The End of False Religion is Near. Feel free to download and use this to dialog with JWs and those studying with the JWs. You can download the podcast at:

Jeff S.

The End of False Religion is Near—A Response to the JWs

During the fall of 2006, the Jehovah’s Witnesses distributed a tract entitled The End of False Religion is Near. The tract makes the claim that all religions are false except the Jehovah’s Witnesses and that to avoid God’s destruction of all false religion one must become a Jehovah’s Witness ( ). In this episode, Jeffery Schwehm, the President of the Fellowship of Catholic Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses and a former Jehovah’s Witness Pioneer Minister, responds to the claims that the Jehovah’s Witnesses make in this tract and gives the Catholic/Christian viewpoint on these matters.

Music is “Kol Yisrael” by Jeremy Gimbel, “Come Down, Come Down” by Porch Light ( and “Under my Immaculate Mantle” and “Amazing Grace” by Susan Bailey (

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Thanks Jeff. I was just thinking about wanting something like this. Our tract was delivered by one of our local weathermen. They absolutely refused to stay and discuss it. When I asked them to take some literature from us, they said if we came to their door then we could discuss that possibility. Grrr.

Since the one man was so well known, it was so tempting to actually go to his door. I have refrained though. They usually will stay for a moment and talk, but there is something unique about this particular campaign and tract. They refused to talk at all. I hope you discuss that a little in your podcast.

Thanks again. I have enjoyed your stuff!

Thanks so much! This tract has been the subject of a lot of discussion here recently so I know a lot of people will find this very useful. I’m going to download the podcast now. My neighborhood hasn’t been visited yet, so I want to be prepared just in case we are.

I had a jw lady stop at my door last week and drop it off. even though there was a sign on the door that stated " no visits by mormons please and no visits by jehovah’s witnesses please"
she rang the doorbell, and i came down, and there she was when i opened the door.

she would’ve stayed and freely discusses the tract, but i had a sore back and didn’t want to stick around. i told her she could return despite my sign. so she said she would. i haven’t seen her back here though. i did take the sign down.

i put out a folder and it in is a print out of Jeff’s tract, The End of False Prophecy is Here! that one takes front stage my friends:)
i titled the folder, “free resources for jw’s” and there are other print out’s that are there from Catholic sites as well.

so, i was hoping that when i didn’t feel like answering the door, or we weren’t home, that the jw’s would feel free to empty my handy little folder:) so far, that hasn’t happened. but before the material
although enclosed in a plastic folder, becomes damp from the cold, i’ll take it in and wait for the doorbell to ring.

When I asked them to take some literature from us, they said if we came to their door then we could discuss that possibility. Grrr.


The next time a JW tells you the above. Get their address and say that you would love to set up an appointment to deliver literature to them at their convenience. You might even suggest that perhaps they would find more people at home and more people willing to talk to them if they would not show up unnannounced.

In addition, I would tell them just how rude that comment is. Here you are dialoging with the JWs when they show-up unannounced at your home (like you do not have other things you need to be doing or have scheduled to do that day) and then they are going to take that attitude with you??!!!

I ask you…where is all of this love that the JWs claim to show to others in such a rude and disrespectful comment like that?

Jeff S.

P.S. I discovered after speaking to my sister that the JWs have been told to just get the tract out to the public and that they are told not to stay and engage people about the tract for too long at any one house. They are even told to not even bring their bookbag to the door but to just leave the tract and get back in the car and move on to the next house.

like that is really odd! normally they would just stay and be only to willing to discuss it, why this new drop and leave attitude?

like that is really odd! normally they would just stay and be only to willing to discuss it, why this new drop and leave attitude?

Actually it is not all that odd. The JWs used to do this with their tract campaigns back in the 1970’s.

I know that when I was a JW, we were taught that as the end of the world got closer the message that the JWs were going to have would be more about condemnation and less about salvation and that because of this the JWs would be persecuted more. It makes me wonder since they have no more dates that they can use to motivate the JWs to do more, if this tract is supposed to induce a but of persecution to activate the JWs more.

Jeff S.

who knows? i give up. i wouldn’t be surprised. we know its the same old same old, so who knows? they gotta do something to peak the interest of their members, so they use an old line in a new way. like what else is new?:rolleyes:

You know, they were told to leave as many as they can and to be quick about it. I went with my husband to his kingdom hall when they were given teh instructions of what to do w/these tracts.

They have to be quick so they can get as many out to as many people they can so they get credit for it on their service (i guess that’s what u call it). They were told not to stop and talk to people to avoid taking the time of possibly leaving it at another home. They were told that if they have a talker, that they should tell them they will come back another time.

Ahhhh… I cannot believe that they wanna leave things at your home but are not even willing to tell u why…

Good thing my husband is “excommunicated” and only goes to meetings, no preaching or annoying others at home w/this false, and offensive preaching literature.

To them this is their motto (personally speaking): the more people we save, the more chances we get to live forever.

maybe when he becomes un-excommunicated you could go with him and after his spiel is done you can give the Catholic version:)

lol Good one!!! I wish I could but I think I have to get their “permission to go preach”… I’m thinking… should I get that permission and after my husband goes out the door I should stay a bit longer and leave the pillar of fire, the pillar of truth tract…


You dont need a JW"s permission to preach your faith.
Just follow them and hit every house that they do…simple as that!

Good idea, but here is a better one:

You cover his “territory” first before he gets out. Print off the threads on the JW’s we have here, cut out the ones that you dont like, paste it up, go to Kinko’s and make up as many as you need. Hit all the houses you expect he will. Highlight the stuff you find most important.
When you put it all together title it:

Watch out for the Watchtower!

They are coming to your home, you need to know what they really teach.

If you have any further questions or concerns, visit CAF for some answers.

I think we should just follow them around and make them nervous. Save the preaching for later.

Carry a Cross and hold it out the window while slowly driving alongside them as they door to door.

Play Ave Maria loudly out of your car too.

That ought to do it really.

lol Well, I would actually do that, but I really don’t want to annoy anyone in the privacy of their home just as JWs do. That’s one thing about JWs that everyone dislikes.

So, I agree, let’s follow the JW and do what Damascus suggested…

(I feel bad making fun about this, though. These people do have the sincere intention of “saving” us. What they don’t know is that their brains are full of deceptive lies) I’m sad my husband is a part of this. But good thing is that he agreed to convalidate our marriage through a radical sanation!!!

One victory for me!!

What is a radical sanation?

Is it painful?:confused:

lol a radical sanation is a convalidation of a civil marriage to make it valid under the CC when the non-Catholic spouse refuses to have a regular convalidation ceremony. All I do is send in a petition to the Bishop through my Parish and see if he thinks our marriage is good enough to be valid under the CC.

My husband and I want to be married forever… or til death do us part. JWs believe that a civil marriage is good to the eyes of God, and they are prohited to get a divorce unless adultery has taken place.

So I think I got a case here to present to the Bishop, and I could receive Eucharist once again!!

Not painful…here is a good article on what it is

Hope you can work out the kids baptism before then

Thanks for the expaination guys. I was having visions of stretching tables and other midevil stuff.

I guess radical threw me off. Hey, now we can have a Radical Catholic on CAF!!!

Many Prayers for your situation and family. You are a strong woman.

i hope it all works out for you.

Need letters of reference? I’ll attest you are one rad Catholic!:slight_smile:

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