Catholism vs Mormonism

What is the Catholic churches view of the Mormon religion?

Simply put, the Catholic Church does not consider members of the LDS church to be Christians.

If you want to get pretty deep into the weeds of this subject, and try to wrap your mind around how things can be both “equal” and at the same time “not equal,” both “separate and distinct” and at the same time “one,” both “eternal” and at the same time “temporary,” then click here:

Mormon baptisms are invalid by virtue of the Mormon understanding of the Trinity.
Baptism is the only sacrament that does not require a valid minister to be valid (Anyone intending to do what the church needs is viable, provided the person receiving understands and wishes to be baptized, and the “minister” follows the rubric and uses water), so the lack of valid Mormon priesthood is irrelevant.

The definition of Christian is anyone with valid trinitarian baptism and trinitarian belief.

Therefore, Mormons are not Christians.

Mormonism teaches that all religions are corrupt. It teaches that true Christianity left this world after the death of the last apostle, and that, however, there were some Christians that were authentic.

They believe the American Native Indians are descendents of a lost tribe of Israel that lived here a long time ago.

Its a cult.

Search “Mormon” and you’ll find many, [size=]many[/size], many threads on this subject.

Yeah, no need to rehash old stuff. There is seriously a Mormon thread a week (sometimes more on here). If you get too confused PM some of the former Mormons on here, we can enlighten you. :thumbsup:

They are also polytheists.

While they believe that there is ONE god who rules this world, each Mormon man believes that he has the potential to become a god and rule over his own world.

I knew a lot of Mormons during my time in the military. To a man, they were very friendly, hard working, and open to discussing their religion. When they approach someone to discuss their faith they don’t bring up the more unusual aspects, but no one ever tried to duck any tough questions I asked.

Me: “So do you believe that you can be come a god and rule your own planet?”

Them: “Yes”

and then we’d go into it further.

As others have said, they are not Christians, which should be obvious since they believe in more then 1 god.

We should learn from their zeal for evangelism though. Hardworking? Friendly? Knowledgable of their faith and eager to share it? Those are the things people should say about Catholics.

100% agree.

Did you ever acually ask an LDS “do you believe that you can be come a god and rule your own planet?” I doubt it

However, I will now give you an answer

  • No the LDS church has never taught me this explicit teaching
  • Yes, the LDS church has taught seperate scriptural metaphore and.teachings that Anti-LDS love to combine, as if it a creed LDS recite every day.
  • Yes, these same teachings are CORE CATHOLIC DOCTRINE

John 14:2 tells us that God has reserved a place for us." In my Father’s house are many mansions" In some translations it is a place, room, house or mansion.
By the 1800’s we understood God’s house included the billions and billions of stars and planets in all the galaxies and universe. With that context the mataphore extends fine. In my Fathers house (known universe) are many planets. . .
If you’ve read past lds presidents who have spoken on this topic, you will see some references to John 14:2. You may not like how LDS have extended this metaphore, but it is rooted in the Bible.

The Early Church Fathers taught us the concept of deification (this is not an LDS invention). If you were to study your CCC, you would see it is explicitly stated as RCC doctrine:

460 The Word became flesh to make us “partakers of the divine nature”:78
"For this is why the Word became man, and the Son of God became the Son of man: so that man, by entering into communion with the Word and thus receiving divine sonship, might become a son of God."79
"For the Son of God became man so that we might become God."80
"The only-begotten Son of God, wanting to make us sharers in his divinity, assumed our nature, so that he, made man, might make men gods."81

I know Catholic Theosis is not the same as LDS Exaltation, but it is ridiculous when Catholics completely ignore that LDS doctrine is based on scripture and core RCC doctrine, teachings by the ECF

Without stretching the facts in any fashion, I can claim Catholics believe they are going to become gods of their own posh mansions, just around the corner from where God resides. I could then speculate on who you would be importing to do your gardening, cooking, and cleaning :wink:

Very true, they are not Christian

Yet you post the same lie over and over saying they are the same; even within the same post.

Please contribute when you post.
I’ve provided quotes with soruces, that validate what I said. You accuse me of lyihng without a shred of evidence. That is slander!

Let me repeat
Both the RCC and the LDS teach Christ became man so that Man might become God

However, the nuances of what that means requires much study

  • Research Theosis for RCC
  • Research Exaltation for LDS

Yes and on several different threads…

(Vatican deems LDS baptism invalid but does not constitute a judgement against Mormons)

(To my knowledge there has only been two official stands taken from Catholic official when it comes to the LDS church; 1) is the invalid baptism 2)The Catholic church is to keep documents from LDS Church whose aim is proxy baptism )

True. When it was the actual subject of the thread his error was clearly explained, so he knows he is wrong. Yet, he continues…Proselytizing?

I have no clue as to what present day LDS leaders are teaching in terms of their doctrine of “eternal progression” but the following link compiles statements from the early LDS church leadership that it’s based on.

Did you ever acually ask an LDS “do you believe that you can be come a god and rule your own planet?” I doubt it

Yes. I have asked Mormons that exact question on more then one occasion with different Mormons. On every occasion I recieved the answer “Yes” followed by a more detailed explanation. If I can recall the longer explanation went along the lines of- if someone lives a holy life in this world, they can become a god equivalent to the god worshiped in this world. They will become the god of a new planet, and that new planet will be populated by the new god’s spiritual children (and his wife). Those beings will worship the new god and in turn aspire to become gods over their own planets. Jesus was a holy man who through his sacrifice became a god- just like any other Mormon man aspires to do.

In this very thread, a mormon has posted that they believe in the existence in more then one god, yet at the same time protest that they don’t WORSHIP more then one god. That statement agrees with my description of Mormonism as a polytheistic religion.

Polytheism is a BELIEF in more than one god. The Greeks and Romans believed in many gods, but a family or city might only worship a few and be particularly devoted to one.

Catholics don’t teach or believe that a man can become a God. Christ always was, is, and always will be God. Men (and women) are created beings made in the image and likeness of God. We hope to be be with God forever in heaven, but we do not hope to become gods.

A particularly persistent brand of stubbornness. Whenever I have a question about a topic I usually do a search and if I cannot find it THEN I start a new thread. Its almost like people are trying to stir up contention

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