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Have I sinned?,

This morning, when I was half-asleep I don’t know if I’m imagining it or just dreaming it, but in my imagination/dream, I was in the comfort room with a girl, and she was looking at me while I was urinating, and she kind of said: nice, then I said, in my imagination/dream: now let me see yours, and in my imagination/dream, I saw hers and then I woke up.

I’m not quite sure if I were fast asleep or half asleep, it was so sudden, but I remember trying to wake up and pray, but I failed to do so.

It’s a sin to look at a girl with lust right?, even if we’re not looking if we are imagining a girl with lust, it is a sin, but I’m really unsure of what really happend, it was all too fast, and when I got up I felt aroused, and guilty in a way.

I don’t remember looking at that girl with me in the comfort room (in my dream/imagination) like I want to do it with her, but I saw her sexual organ, and I can clearly remember, as in clearly, that I looked at hers and was mesmerized or something.

Have I sinned because of this incident? I’m really confused about whether or not it’s just a dream or I was actually imagining it, but I felt asleep at some point.

Please help me, I’ve just recently conquered my pornography/masturbation habits, and for the past 3 weeks, I’ve been very careful not to let myself give in to the temptation again, I want to pray, but I don’t know if I should pray for forgiveness (either I was really imagining), or pray for gratitude (if it were just a dream).




Good question. Any answers out there?



god loves you>


It was just a dream, so no, this particular instance wasn’t a sin. Sometimes those random firing neurons find our “soft spots,” though. You might could say an Act of Contrition if you feel especially guilty.

You may want to examine, though, how you would react in actual life if such a temptation occurred.


It had happend, and the first thing I did, after waking up, is to pray, and login here so that I may ask you guys, because it’s a sunday and I want to go to mass,

an Act of Contrition worked, the guilt that I was feeling earlier is no more, and now I have to thank God for, even in my/our sleep, He protects me/us from sin. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for your input, that really helped, I’ve done quite an examination of my conscience and concluded that, because of my uncertainty, I’m just going to ask God for guidance, and clarity, and ask you guys for your opinions. THANKS SO MUCH. :slight_smile:



It doesn’t sound like it was under your control. It doesn’t sound like you ever chose to go through this. If you didn’t go through this on purpose and didn’t purposely entertain these images, it’s not your fault and there’s no sin. I personally would pray the Act of Contrition or bring this up in Confession, though, if I was unsure as to whether or not I purposely entertained any of those images.

Good work on your continued resistance against sin!


Sounds great, johto760! Ignore my last post.


We do not need to hear the details of your erotic dreams. Please use more discretion. Erotic dreams or otherwise can’t be sins because you can’t control them. If you aren’t sure if you were dreaming or not, then you were probably dreaming- but don’t try and fool yourself, because you’re sure not going to fool God- if you know you did it on purpose, then you sinned. If you truly aren’t sure, then even if you did want to do it, you were too out of it to have had full consent of your will and you did not sin.


Oh well I think, yes, it was TMI, but…I dont think its your sin because you were sleeping, but I do think it was the king of evil…really think about it!! you say you have this real problem with porn-erotica??? and just recently you ‘conquered it’ or at least are able to keep this temptation at bay…and now, hes reachin out to you…tryin to draw you back in…see it for what it is and resist my friend!


Please don’t describe it. You may create an occasion of sin for someone else and I’m sure that’s the last thing you wanted to do. You could just say “impure fantasies” and leave it at that.

As for your question: The devil often does this to make us feel guilty and tempt us to despair. He will suggest these things to us to make us upset and feel bad. Do not give in. Always immerse yourself in the Blood of Christ. Most likely the devil wanted you to skip communion today.


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