Caught On Tape: Trooper Chokes Medic

Caught On Tape: Trooper Chokes Medic
Posted by Edecio Martinez
Courtesy of CBS Affiliate KWTV Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY (CBS/AP) In Oklahoma, a trip to the hospital turned into a fight between a police officer and an ambulance paramedic as a sick woman waited in the ambulance. Now two new videos, one released by the son of the sick woman, and another taken from the officer’s dashboard cam have brought new focus on what really took place.

The original event occurred May 24, when Oklahoma Highway Patrolman Daniel Martin pulled over the ambulance after it failed to get out of his way quickly enough. Martin then cussed at the driver “I ain’t going to put up with that (expletive)."

I hope they nail that troopers butt to the wall.

*Unbelievable. I’m glad they have these incidents on tape. The cop needed to hurry past the ambulance??? The ambulance, hello, was heading to the hospital with a sick person inside. I know that cops have a tough job, but this sounds like a cop on an ego trip, frankly…there didn’t seem like a valid reason to pull over the ambulance to begin with. *

I hope when I am really sick and in need of paramedics that I am NEVER just left in the back of the truck the way this poor woman was.:frowning: The paramedic who was supposedly tending to her should have allowed his driver to handle the situation instead of butting into it. As soon as he stepped out of the back of that truck he lost his professionalism. His job was to tend to the lady not deal with the cop. I’m almost certain that this never would have exculated to the point it did if that paramedic had simply done his job by tending to the sick lady.

For the record I am not defending the cop. I just think so many people are focusing on the cop and not paying attention to what it was that paramedic actually did. ** He LEFT a sick woman ALONE in the ambulance.** What if she had needed his assistance? He wouldn’t have been able to help her because he was too busy fighting with the cop.:mad: He should have done his job and allwed his driver deal with the cop.

To my mind they both need to be disclipined!

Just wanted to add that even if it did still exculate to a fight that paramedic who was tending to the lady should never have left her. He should have gotten on the radio, inside the ambulance, and called for help. He should have never left her side.

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