Cause for potential scandal?

I am close to someone who is a Christian, dating a nonbeliever for less than four months, and is planning on taking a week-long trip alone with her boyfriend. Am I right to think this could cause potential scandal even if nothing happens? I do believe it is a huge opportunity for major temptation. I kind of feel like I am being hypocritical for thinking it is not a wise decision as I have never dated, though I am in my later 20s.

It certainly could be a bad idea.

If she has young siblings it could give scandal. Not enough context to really say.

Scandal isn’t simply “what other people think”. It is leading others into sin.

But she’s an adult and it’s not your call.

I think you hit on all points there. I find that the young generation, in general, see it as ok.

Often that is true, and every friend they see doing “it”, every TV show that portrays it…adds to the overwhelming message that “it” is “normal”.

Whether or not it is a scandal, it’s really none of your business. You’re not her parent.

I agree it seems very unwise to me.

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