Cause of homosexuality

this is just a theological theory I’ve be working on and just looking for some creative critism and input on it (is still work in progress). Homosexuality is cused on the spiritual level by a desire/love for Jesus Christ that in unknown and as it is unknown this desire is directed towards other men. the transgendered male to female is caused by the fact that the human soul is femine is structure though not always in personality. they have such an intuitive knowledge of this that they come to belive they are really female. the female to male transgendered have an unknown desire to be like Jesus christ that they come to think like the male to female that they are really men. lesbians have a desire to be like the virgine mary so much this is projected onto other women. the key to this theological theory is love of god is deep seated in their souls but unknown so the love they have for god is coverted into the realm of sexuality. Any input on this would be great thanks.

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I love Jesus, and haven’t a homosexual bone in my body, nor has my spirit gone gay.
A love for God (agape) is different than romantic (eros) love. I don’t love Jesus the way I love my girlfriend.

I have agape love towards Jesus
I have eros love towards girlfriend

Greatest love, “that a man lay down his life for his friends” (Jo 15). I would lay down my life for Jesus (carry cross). This is not an erotic/eros love but agape love.

I don’t know if there are homosexual men out there that are romantically (eros) drawn to Jesus. If there were such men I don’t think they’d say their romantic (erotic) love for Jesus has **caused **their homosexuality but the other way around, many homosexuals considering their problem to be biologically based. That’s just my opinion though.
I think your theory needs some tweeking/help.

Is there anything upon which to substantiate this “theory” other than wild speculation?

What i’m trying to get across is that they are drawn to god without knowing it and this love they do not understand is changed into sexual feelings.the end of all actions and feeling is happiness and god is the perfection of all happiness. so the unconcious desire for god inherent in all human beings can be corrupted into these feelings. Since they do not know god they transfer this desire onto others.

I will have to agree with you, although I don’t fully understand everything you wrote in your first post. I came to the same conclusions myself, and this ultimately lead me back to Christ. I had identity issues, and developed a strong desire for transformation. I have always been very religious (but not always knowing what to do or what was right), and I would not let go of my love and desire to be with Christ. This sometimes meant that I was often hurt or insulted by those who had abandoned Christ in favor of their lifestyle choices. Often, others with the same issues couldn’t understand why I held onto Christ.

During my years of questioning, many people kept trying to tell me I was a homosexual. I was clearly not and had no real desire to be that way. Unfortunately, I experienced a lot of confusion because of it.

I finally come to a conclusion that my desire for transformation was really a desire to be transformed into the image of Our Lord Christ… to live in His image. I wanted a change in my life that involved a deeper relationship with Christ.

Edit: I’m glad you posted this topic. It’s funny that it was exactly what was on my mind tonight. I hope this discussion expands.

That is totally way off on every level, you should start from scratch and do some proper research on it. Look at the gay community that is visible in public, analyze who they are and how they react, behave, and take note as to the decisions they make. I’ve lived in Seattle for a number of years, so have been exposed to them, and have had a few that were even friends, so can give some unbiased input, yet to be honest, there are certain elements that still have me perplexed to this day about, and I suppose, it’s between them and God in that area.

Personal opinion here, in some cases, their normal past relationships with the opposite sex were very poor, thus causing a rif, not with just the individual, with the gender itself, which is the result of an unfounded bias, for we are not all cut from the same cloth. In others, I suspect tended to experiment sexually in areas that they are told not to, and did so, so extensively, it rubbed off on them in ways that kind of warped their perspective along sexuality. In the latter, there is something in Romans about that one. I do not believe anybody is born gay as well, even though that is claimed often, it’s false and has never been proven, nor ever will.

Here is the slant here though, there are many cases with people that ended up gay, turning back to becoming straight again, and these cases tend to be buried under the cover of being non politically correct, or out right offensive to the gay community, which these days has too big of a say so when it comes to policy as well as social etiquette in todays times.

Good luck with the paper, but know that you are totally off base here, Christ leads us to him, his path, and his ways, none of which are homosexual.

These people need to get a bigger voice and a popular name the more they speak the better we will come to understand the whole entire gay/lesbian situation.

Perhaps I’ve missed something, but I don’t think the OP meant that people find Christ through homosexuality. I could be wrong. It’s a very confusing post.

You are right in your statement. I might add that young people are sometimes socialized into it by their peers or adults. This leads to experimentation… usually from being pigeon holed into a group of people engaging in that behavior. Other psychological factors come into play such as… identity issues, trauma from abuse, OCD, bi-polar, and even depression. All of these factors can affect young people and adds to their confusion.

The desire to belong to a group, especially in this day and age, is very strong. For young people who are social outcasts, the term “Gay” has become a way to acceptance (simply because it is being popularized as a PC movement).

I might add to my last post, I no longer have identity issues thanks to God and His Catholic Church.

Hi jpk1313,

I just wanted to say that I like your conjecture a lot. It seems to open up the possibility that the experience of same sex attraction is merely a side effect of a characteristic directly intended by God. My only criticisms are: (1) for now, the theory is unsubstantiated; and (2) it depends on a large number of coincidences. For example, you seem to say that the way a male becomes homosexual is: first, his unknown, natural desire for Jesus Christ is stronger than other men’s, second, on account of its strength, this desire becomes associated with other men; third, this new desire for other men becomes entangled with the libido; et voila, the thing is done. If this is an accurate account of your theory, I would ask: Is the desire for Jesus Christ always unknown? If so, how is it that some Christians “become” homosexual? In homosexuals, is the desire for Jesus Christ greater than it is in other men? How could we find this out? If this desire becomes associated with other men, shouldn’t it become associated with all men? Why then are homosexuals not attracted to every male? Finally, how precisely does desire become entangled with libido? It is clearly not a straight-forward process because some men experience a desire to “be with” the same sex without wanting the same sex sexually.

Anyway, don’t take these questions amiss. I really do like your theory, and it precisely for that reason I want to see it developed to withstand some of the issues I’ve pointed out.

A final remark on research. You probably already know this, but it may not be the best idea to:

There are numerous problems here. Most obviously, your thesis involves a claim about all homosexuals, but the quote recommends testing it only against the visible gay community. Since not every gay person is out of the closet, the visible community is likely to distort you findings. The more important problem with the quote is that it’s setting you up to make wild conjectures and then “verify” them through confirmation bias. There are numerous ways to correct this bias: the simplest would be to look at random individuals from the gay and straight community, to pair them up according to income, family background, and other important variables, and only then, after these exogenous variables are under control, to compare who they are, how they react, behave, and make decisions.

For the etiology (causes) of eroticised samesex attraction, watch the 17 minute video at Even though 17 minutes is in no way enough time to thoroughly explain the psychology behind samesex attraction, it will help explain a lot.

I would say that many people who have SSA have felt like outcasts, or felt a subjective sense of feeling different, most of their lives. I do think that not feeling accepted and not feeling like you fit in is a major factor in why many people with SSA form their identity around their sexual attraction (which is what happens when someone refers to himself as a homosexual or a heterosexual) and join gay communities.

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Homosexuality occurs seven times more in men than women. Babies are essentially born feminine and masculinized by a present in the home father. The father teaches boys how to be men. Their is a big problem with single moms. Mothers feminize their boys. THis happens at ages 1 though 4 or 5. In addition estrogens in the environment have recently been implicated.

People have such strange ideas about homosexuals here, many are very very judmental. Also the strange idea peope have about “the homosexual lifestyle” do not match anything i experience and im bisex myself. Judge, judge, judge and keep your eyes closed people. I really feel sorry for kids you get and that may turn out to be gay. They will have horrible parents.

A bunch of straight people deciding “people cant be born gay”. If you have no gay feelings, your arrogant to simply assume you know what its like and close your ears to get to know what homosexual and bixesual people actually experience. Arrogant and judgemental.

No wonder USA gays are so dang frustrated, here where christians are much more tolerant, gay people are much more happy, less frustrated and way less teen suicides too. So many people on this forum have no idea what they do to others with their hate and judgement.


“Maybe” is the best answer I can offer! I think we all transpose feelings from one thing to another as we journey through life.

I do not think transposing emotions is the case in the majority of people with gay or bi tendencies. I think in the case of the largest group of sexual orientations, bisexuals, it is simply a matter of acceptance of self and an understanding that both genders are acceptable sexual partners in spite of what some in the current culture say. As to true gays, people who have never had a op-sex partner, I think they really are genetically disposed to be who they are.

Blessed be, Dousias

Very good point, Buffalo. I would say that is also a form of socialization.

I don’t know if estrogens and estrogen mimics are a physical reason, but I’ve sort to suspected it might play a role in it myself.

Dude… what are you quoting from some sort of Gay Pride manual or something? I heard all this when I was involved with gay pride. All this calling people judgmental and arrogant is counter productive and is not true for majority of caring/ thinking individuals. Don’t buy into that mentality. It’s only designed to keep you in line with Gay Pride. It doesn’t affect the thinking of people that disagree with the lifestyle (unless they are easily swayed emotionally). Besides, it only makes you sound like the bogeymen that are supposedly against you.

I don’t have time to watch the video right now.

I have become aware of the emerging science of the epigenome. This is an area of study about how genes are turned on and off and how their expression is modified.

That, in a nutshell, seems to be close to what the problem with same-sex attraction may be – an error or problem in the way sexuality is expressed and modified.

As that field develops, I believe a cure or treatment for homosexuality will be found. It is probably not far off.

Pray for a cure or treatment for homosexuality.

If there was a pill to cure homosexuality what do you think would happen? And why?

Wow, there are some strange ideas floating around in this thread.

As someone recovering from SSA’s myself, I can speak with experience. The *only *way in which I can say that these attractions are a blessing is to assert that they are part of my Cross, and that my struggles with them allow me to suffer and share in His sufferings. Dealing with them is a daily trial. It is not easy, especially when I am surrounded by a culture that encourages me at every turn to turn away from Christ and embrace sinful behavior. Turning away from that path takes work, and focus, and a mind focused on Christ and on prayer.

As for speculating as to its cause, I can only speak for myself, but I suspect that the dysfunction in my relationship with my emotionally distant father when I was young played some role. I say that because I have seen the strengthening of that relationship in my more recent years, coupled with the nurturing of more healthy heterosexual relationships with other men, result in it becoming easier to deal with my SSA as time goes by. A sad lack of catechesis when I was younger, an the presence of Internet pornography, also played a role. They set the table. But I still sat down and ate at that table.

As someone who also has SSA, I can relate to a lot of what you said.

If any of you are interested in the possible causes of SSA, I would recommend that you visit If you go there, I would recommend watching the video on the front page.

The cause of homosexuality, bisexuality and heterosexuality is biological in origin - genetic, etc.

It has absolutely nothing to do with sin, possession, being raised by a strong or domineering mother, exposure to gay people, etc.

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