Cause of Rhoda Wise, who inspired Mother Angelica, goes to Rome


Yesterday I was lucky to be able to attend the Mass at which the records of the diocesan investigation for Rhoda Wise’s canonization cause were officially sealed for delivery to the Vatican. We here in Ohio are all very hopeful that her cause will be successful and Ohio will have its first saint.


I had never heard of this woman until I read the book about Mother Angelica by
Raymond Arroyo.
An interesting case. I will be following it closely.


I heard about her because when I joined CAF, another regular had her mentioned in their sig line. I looked her up and discovered she had lived only about an hour and a half away from where I grew up. When she was alive, Canton was part of the Cleveland Diocese. Cleveland has had two visionaries (Rhoda and Helena Pelczar who was even earlier than Rhoda) and did absolutely nothing with their sainthood causes. I believe in Helena’s case someone may have tried to create a fraudulent “miracle” which screwed things up, also there may have been a language barrier because she was at a Polish parish. But still.

After I visited Rhoda’s house and the Grotto shrine there, I did a bunch of research on her and looked up old newspaper articles as well as reading the biography of her published by EWTN. This woman had hundreds of people in the street outside her house on a regular basis and when she died, 14,000 people filed past her bier and she had a record crowd at her funeral. And then somehow everybody managed to just forget about it within 20 years. I never once heard of this lady growing up. If she didn’t have EWTN and some orders of sisters pushing her cause, we still wouldn’t be hearing about her.


My best friend is from Ohio and in her 80’s
and never heard of her before!


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