Cave-in Catholicism - great article

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This is a very good article which addresses the mindset of Catholics who have opinions that might differ from Catholic Church teaching.

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I really wish everyone would read this.


Not sure the link in the first post works. Try this one.

I clicked the link and it came back “page not found”.

I know, sorry. Please try the link in my second post. Thanks.:slight_smile:

From the article;

t is no surprise that dissenting, protesting Catholics—those I’ve lately been calling “cave-in Catholics”, in homage to Cardinal Dolan’s retort to the weak-kneed editors of America magazine—thumb their noses at papal speeches, conciliar texts, and formal, Magisterial teaching. What is somewhat curious is how they try to justify their disdain for popes, bishops and the dread “Vatican” by simply saying, “After all, very few Catholics in the U.S. pay attention to Church teaching anymore. See this poll! Watch this interview! Check out these stats!” .

When did Cardinal Dolan attack the editors of America Magazine, and what article was he referring to?

I never seen an article in America Magazine, showing disdain for popes or bishops, so I wonder where the author got his information?



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