Cavuto Recovering From MS-Related Surgery

Breaking: TVNewser has learned Fox News Channel/Fox Business Network anchor Neil Cavuto is recovering from surgery related to his Multiple Sclerosis. Cavuto has been off the air since June 24.

Insiders tell us Cavuto is doing well and is expected to return to the networks in “late July or early August.”

I’ll remember to pray for him…

Neil is a really nice man…

(same article as above)

In December, Cavuto told TVNewser’s Alissa Krinsky:

I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say my disease is a constant reminder of the fragility of my life. Having had cancer right before my MS diagnosis, I can honestly say MS is worse. There’s no endgame here, no cure here, no concoction of chemotherapy or radiation that could make it all go away here.

I didn’t know he had MS. I’m a fan of his. My daughter has had MS for 20 years. I wonder what kind of surgery he had…the only MS related surgeries my daughter has had were out-patient things.

I really like Neal Cavuto. I heard the radio talk show host Mike Gallagher say Cavuto mailed a Mass card to him after Gallagher’s wife Denise died last month. The card from St Patricks.

Thanks, Aimee. I wondered where he was lately. I didn’t know he was having or had surgery. I really admire him & I am keeping him in my thoughts & prayers.

Who has been filling in for Cavuto in his absence?

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