CBB: Stormy Daniels 'QUIT the show just moments before the live show.'


The favorite ‘credible source’ of dirt on Trump before Omarosa just proved herself to be unreliable and untrustworthy. But that is no surprise. The fake news loves these untrustworthy sources if they’ll trash Trump.


If you lie down with dogs, you are likely to wake up with fleas. One has to wonder why Trump got involved with such a model of propriety?


I don’t know. Did they meet on the set of one of his cameo appearances?


There is no wonder. Trump was willing to do almost anything to promote his brand and himself. He would be on the Howard Stern show. However, who knows the exact involvement he had with Daniels. She has made specific allegations but that doesn’t mean they are true. Even if they are true they are just salacious stories. Moral men don’t tend to win in politics.


exnihilo (on Stormy Daniels) . . .

The favorite ‘credible source’ of dirt on Trump

Isn’t that the truth.

CNN just about proverbially destroyed their own network playing that same “story” every night for almost two months.

The heck of it is, if there WAS a non-disclosure payout BECAUSE of this, . . . with President Trump denying it . . . . they call Trump a liar.

BUT . . . .

. . . . If President Trump admitted it, they would just say “Trump broke his non-disclosure” and . . . .
. . . . for THAT they would STILL call him a liar.


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