CBC: "Grandmother gives birth to her own grandchild"




I second that!:eek::eek:

It’d be a beautiful story of love if I believed in IVF…

this is discussing. ughhhhhhhhh

Wow. My first impression is … this is a pro-life story. From the looks of the “grandmother” having a baby gives one a youthful glow. Or is it the love?

I don’t know what Canon law or general prohibitions or technicalities might have been violated (if any), but the results look good, God knows what He is doing and this will probably cause the family to be even closer than they would have been.

Unusual story though. If this is a joke, I fell for it. If real, well, happy birthday little one! :extrahappy:

Wow. What an amazing thing this woman did. The child is biologically her daughter and son-in-law’s, so there’s no issue there. I can’t think of a more precious gift to give your daughter, and when that child is old enough to understand he’ll know just how loved he is and how wanted he was.

It’s real, I’ve been following it for a little while.

I don’t know that I’d call it disgusting. Misguided, perhaps, but with good intentions.

This is one of those issues where it can give a person pause.

A few years back there was a case where a child was dying and in need of a bone marrow transplant. None could be found, so the couple conceived a new child which - as it turned out - WAS a match. They took the infant’s bone marrow and the operation on the sibling was a success!

Much was made about the ethics by secular and religious people … and I’ll have to see what has happened since. It’s been a few years now since that happened.

I like good results, and tend to figure if something good happens it has not caught God by surprise. Yet I would not go against the wisdom of Church teaching if I knew it.

That said, there are exceptions to the rule (i.e. self-defense and “Thou Shalt Not Kill”) which don’t make the rule wrong - and could be dangerous to people inclined to give themselves a dispensation anytime the mood strikes them.

In general though, tangible evidence trumps the theoretical (where the Church does not teach in detail or otherwise). IMO. :wink:

I don’t see how this is a pro-life story. IVF isn’t “pro-life.”

Had, by some miracle, the doctors been able to save the first pregnancy and implant it in the grandmother, I might say, “They really wanted to save that baby’s life…” But IVF two years later is quite different.

If my understanding is correct, the Church allows for the removal of a diseased uterus, even while pregnant, if there is no alternative treatment. But the Church does not and has never approved of IVF for many reasons.

IVF fertilizes several eggs,thereby conceiving of several children, and then only selects one them to implant. The rest are either killed or frozen. Make no mistake, IVF is intrinsically evil.

The Church does teach in detail on IVF. It is wrong because multiple eggs are fertilized and only one is used.

I read a detailed book by a medical journalist that followed the story of the family that created the “savior sibling”. They did indeed have many many (10-20) eggs fertilized that were then destroyed because they embryo did not have the right DNA match needed. Artificially fertilized eggs are also more fragile than naturally conceived embryos and so many die even before being frozen or destroyed.

The concept of a “savior sibling” has become very normal for families where an older child has a disease and needs bone marrow - even certain other organs sometimes. The “technology” developed for this supposedly postive use is the same science used to create “designer babies”. The slippery slope from what the advocates call theaputic to the horrible prospect of killing your own child because he won’t be tall or have green eyes or a certain IQ is very steep and very slick. :mad:

IVF also disallows the conjugal act to be the instrument, as a part of the sacrament of marriage, of conception. The installation of a child’s soul by GOD, not a doctor, is supposed to occur within a woman’s body during conception. When you add this to the murder of unwanted children that has already been spoken of in this thread, then the picture becomes much clearer. And I say this even as my only child would have to go through something like this for him to have a son or daughter with his lady due to circumstances beyond his control. I still would not recommend this to them and would go along with being a step-grandma to her two already existing children though they are not of my son’s get.

There’s this part of it too.

For me, the personal part of it that sells it as wrong is doing away with fertilized eggs. The conjugal act as the instrument becomes grey area to me when a couple literally cannot conceive that way despite trying.

Technology enables us to do some things that previously were unimaginable. Probably an artificial womb is probably closer that we imagine and who knows what things will be possible to do.

When people decide that they want a child come hell or high water anything goes. While the outcome of beautiful IVF child is undeniably joyful, there is a certain ruthlessness in the achievement. Questioning the morality of these actions is pretty much a losing proposition because the result is a beautiful life and you will just be vilified not towing the line of the culture at large.

Did not see all the details. Just the results. IVF generally is not good. Don’t think the Church is going to instruct Grandma and Mom to make any changes at this point.

There may be some side effects I haven’t pondered, but at this point, all’s well that ends well.

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