Sorry, all this is very confusing to me. I am just asking a question as my boss passed away yesterday and he is Catholic, I am Messianic and want to know if I would offend anyone by wearing my prayer shawl. Where do I go to read the answer. Shalom

God bless you for wanting to show respect for your departed boss. your intention is wonderful. I was wondering though, I thought prayer shawls were not worn at funerals ever. Please instruct me on this, I’m very curious and would love to know.
I don’t know much about your faith. :shrug:

No expert here, but I would think this would be showing a personal respect to your boss. I see no problem with it. I had the fortune of being in a Parish were many different cultural groups were represented. At several funerals I assisted at it was not uncommon to see people dressed in a variety of different ways, depending on their culture, and all intended this as a show of respect and honor to the deceased.

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