CBN report about Anglican breakaway group

Hello all. This is a report about a group of Anglicans that broke away from the The Episcopal Church called the Anglican Church in North America. As you may know, the head “bishop” of the Episcopal Church is a women and they have a openly unchaste “bishop” with SSA.

Now, if there is any “Conservative” Anglicans or people that are educated in Anglicanism can tell me what one be some of the reasons for a “Conservative” Anglican from coming to the Catholic Church? I know many have, but some like the Anglican Church in North America still hold out. Why is that?

The report states that the Anglican Church in North America is part of the Anglican Communion. That is incorrect.

They are part of the communion through Africa I do believe. One of the reasons not to come to the Catholic Church would be the primacy of the Pope and others like that. For me it was that but also 841 of the Catechism, the filoque and such that prompted me to leave and the liberalism that was prevalent. But the biggest thing is that I finally grasp the Real Presence in my new Parish

I don’t mean to sound like trying to convert you but have you ever tried a Traditional Latin Mass? There are many rebellious parishes in the Catholic Church and we must pray for them, but you also know that Anglicanism does not officially believe in the Real Presence…only individual Anglicans do.

No, the closet one was to far away though I watched the one Blessed Bishop Sheen narrated.

I am not in the Anglican Church from the UK or the ECUSA, I am a Charismatic Episcopalian (CEC) and in the CEC we most definitely believe in the Real Presence, officially. As my Bishop said “Yes we do believe in Transubstantiation”

Anglicans would split and not come home to Rome, due to the primacy of Peter, the teaching on divorce, transubstantiation, th role of the Virgin Mother of God, and even the definitions of certain theological aspects. Most Anglicans believe in a branch theory in Christianity, that all churches/denominations are branches off the “tree” of Christ, and it’s more complicated from there on. My definition on the branch theory is also innacurate, but it’s only a general overview.

You do know there is a Charismatic group of Roman Catholics that have been approved and blessed by the Holy See? Secondly, I will be praying that a Faithful Catholic Parish comes into your area, becasue it saddens me that many leave the Church becasue of unfaithful and liberal parishes. Thirdly, I understand your thirst for the Gifts of the Holy Ghost. When I was in Protestant Pentecostal churches, I loved being in Its presence.

I think your right, also I think that politics have a lot to do with it…sadly

Yes I know and get newsletters from some. From the beginning when I converted I alway had doubts that what I was doing was right and tried other Churches but never was conformable in them. Finally I gave up until the CEC moved closer and I so I went to a Mass where my Priest was teaching on the Real Presence and after 17 yrs of hearing about the Real Presence it all clicked and that day when I partook I knew beyond any doubt it was the body and blood of the Lord. From there I never left and been there a little over a year.

It’s not the gifts exactly but the Real Presence and the peace I have. The doubts for the first time in 17 yrs are gone :slight_smile:

I believe that the Holy Ghost is asking me to type this

O Most Holy Ghost,
I pray right now, to grant Cath4alltime understanding. I pray to you most Holy Ghost that you Strengthen his Faith and his quench his thirst and understanding for the most Holy Eucharist and the your most Precious Gifts.

In the Mighty Name of Jesus we say,

Thank you. I have understanding of the Holy Eucharist as I explained in my post and my Faith is very strong. Something I did not have in the Catholic Church. I do not hate the Church I still have great respect for Her and defend Her

Hi Glad2behome. :slight_smile:

There are, probably, about a million webpages dedicated to explaining the differences between Catholics and conservative Anglicans. However, I think you can get a better answer if you study each group separately and note the differences for yourself.

And I’m too tired.


Not everyone who leaves the Catholic Church lacks understanding, although I must admit I am guilty of saying that repeatedly regarding ex-Catholics when I was Catholic myself.

Sometimes there seems to be an underlying thought that every ex-Protestant/Catholic-convert who enters the Roman church has the blazing intellectual qualities of Scott Hahn, while those who leave are lacking in understanding. :shrug:

I was guilty of that too as a Catholic

There are many reasons why a faithful Anglican would not go to Rome. Just becausethe official Anglican hierarchy has abandoned real Anglicanism does not mean we should too. If you want to know what Anglicand believe please read the Book of Common Prayer (no not the 1979 alleged “Book”).

I have also been to a “traditional Latin Mass”. I fail to see its appeal - ugly vestments, fussy ceremonial, in a language not understood by the people. The medieval abuse of communion in one kind only offends the most, however.


Well that depends whom you ask. I’m sure there are some who think that every ex-Protestant/Catholic-convert who enters the Roman church is lacking in understanding, and that those who leave have the blazing intellectual qualities of Scott Hahn (before his conversion).

Since the question being considered here is How can any conservative Anglicans not want to convert to Catholicism? this article seems relevant: When Anglicans, Catholics switch churches, what happens to dialogue?
It’s an oldie-but-goodie (not that it’s terribly old, but it predates the Ordinariates by a few years).

Good article. Especially interesting was this part:
Anglicans who become Roman Catholic generally become very conservative Roman Catholics, while Roman Catholics who become Anglican tend to become very liberal Anglicans," he said.

That provides a clue as to why Conservative Anglicans don’t necessarily want to convert, which is that much of the Catholic Church – here in America at least – is quite liberal compared to what the conservative Anglicans are yearning for.

Thanks Alizarin. :slight_smile: But again here, it seems to me that the fact that you’re looking at it from the point of view of Why would a conservative Anglican not want to convert to Catholicism? kinda kills the potential for dialogue. :frowning: (Likewise if a discussion were started from the pov of “Why would any Catholic not want to leave Catholicism?”)

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