CBN's "Reclaiming the Covenant"

I was watching the 700 club one day (it’s not a show I watch regularly, btw) and something on that show alarmed me. According to this CBN website, the establishment of the Jamestown colony, 400 years ago was a covenant:

In remembrance of the 400th anniversary of this sacred moment in time, we reclaim the holy covenant of 1607 and we reaffirm that America is dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ, for His glory and for His purpose, and to confirm our nation’s mission as described in the prayer of our forefather: … the Gospel shall go forth to not only this New World, but the entire world.

Coming from a Chrisitan like Pat Robertson, I find this disturbing as I thought that it was a basic Christian belief that the covenant instituted at the last supper was the last one God would make with any group of people.

Am I reading too much into his use of the word “covenant”?


I could be wrong but I don’t think he’s meaning covenant with a capital “C” if you know what I mean. I think he means it in a general way that when people first started to arrive in the New World they dedicated the land and their mission to God. I think that’s all that was meant.

However, there are no doubt some whacky ideals out there so if he said something that made you think he meant something more then by all means let us know.

Yep that is similar to how I feel too. I went to the web-link last night and watched the small part of the video… I watch the part labeled “covenant”

It’s my understanding that the word “covenant” means oath.
So I think the point was to say that when people arrived, in Jamestown, they made an oath to God that this nation would be a Christian nation.

I think that he used the word “covenant” also because it would attract more attention then to simply state they made an “oath”.

Thanks for your responses. To me, it sounded very Mormonesque.

I think that’s fair, but I would also point out that this language comes from the Puritans, who really did believe that Christian nations could have the same sort of relationship with God that Israel did. So I do think that the language is theologically problematic if you look at its roots.

The Church, and not the United States, is in a covenant relationship with God. The United States is simply a civic institution to serve certain limited earthly needs for a period of time, just like every other governmental or societal institution except for the Church.


Hes bringing it up because of those that dont want the 10 commandments any where or prayer in the schools or God mentioned in schools. The opposers are attempting to make a case that America is done with God.

Pat is trying to show that those that “started” America really did want to follow God and He should not be forced out like is happening.

On this I agree with him. Hes a little over the top and I certainly dont agree with all he says but he does have some points.

But although the average American doesnt see it, the church (Catholic and Protestant) is being persecuted, obviously not like other places but its still happening. The pushing God out and bringing in all things are ok political correctness garbage.

I like the idea - if the Catholic bishops can dedicate the US (and the whole world no less) to the Sacred and/or Immaculate Hearts then why not?

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