CBS blames sexism for bad ratings

So I guess I am sexist because I do not watch their so-called “newscast” :rolleyes:

CBS blames sexism for bad ratingsBy Joshua Chaffin in New York

Published: June 12 2007 22:27 | Last updated: June 12 2007 22:27

Leslie Moonves, CBS chief executive, on Tuesday suggested that sexist attitudes were partly to blame for the faltering performance of Katie Couric, the news anchor he recruited to the network with a $15m annual pay package.

“I’m sort of surprised by the vitriol against her. The number of people who don’t want news from a woman was startling,” Mr Moonves said of the audience’s reaction to Ms Couric, who this month brought ratings for the CBS Evening News to a 20-year low.

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No, I would like to have a woman anchor, and I like Diane Sawyer very much when she is on ABC. But I can’t take Katie Couric seriously at all. The same goes for Shepard Smith at Fox, so it isn’t sexism at all. I just think the both of them lack gravitas.

I see this as just another lame attempt to lay a politically correct guilt trip on people to boost ratings.

It ain’t gonna work!!!

I’ll vote for convenient excuse. At least if your going to get bad ratings might as well be ahead of your time.

If anything, I think his strategy backfired. He thought he was going to get a younger and more female audience to follow her and add to the ratings. Instead, I think people who watched her in the morning show never got used to her out of that role. Also the people who are going to watch that newscast are an older audience. With more two-working parent & single-parent households, people of that age level are a bit too busy to want to watch the news at that time, especially if they want it they can get it at another time.

I want Walter Cronkite back again! He was like the nicest, smartest Daddy in the world!

Katie Couric’s like a sweet best friend.

When something terrible happens in the world, I want my Daddy, not a sweet best friend.

Has anyone seen Bridge to Terabithia? At the end of the movie, after the “terrible thing” happened, it’s the DADDY who holds the child in his arms and comforts him. That’s what I want on the news!

I didn’t watch CBS Evening News before Katie Couric took the anchor job and I don’t watch it now. Maybe they ought to rethink how they produce and present the news rather than making silly accusations that no one can prove. :rolleyes:

At least they didn’t blame anti-Semitism.:slight_smile: (Couric’s mother is Jewish; father, Episcopalian.)

What! Shep lacks gravitas?? Tell me it ain’t so!

(Of course, when you get to be my age, everybody lacks gravitas–they all look like high school sophomores. But I have to watch, and they know it; they have all the ads for prescription meds, and how else would I know what to ask my Dr about?)

Sexism for bad ratings? What’s next. Blaming immigrants for a bad economy? Please. More childish reasoning. CBS apparently has never considered that we don’t like their “entertainment shows”. I got news for CBS, I have a right to watch and what I don’t watch. And they can’t force me to watch the kind of nonsense they produce. Are they going to put a mind control in my brain and control my every action? Or put in jail for not supporting their propaganda.

Or maybe Katie Couric’s just not an appropriate person for an evening newscast…

Who is Katie Couric? :shrug:

Hire Michelle Malkin and I’ll watch. Otherwise, I’ll stick to google news and sort through how the many different news outlets alter the same basic information.

Dan Rather seems to agree - he claims they put in Couric to “tart” things up.

CBS is close to realizing what their Problem is. It is a “ism”-not “sexism” but “Liberalism” that is kiling their ratings.

The problem with CBS is Moonvesism – having the same person in charge of both the news and entertainment divisions. CBS News would have been far better off to take the 15 mega$ they’re paying Katie Couric and hire a dozen correspondents and producers – you know, professional journalists, remember them, Les?

It’s not even a matter of left/right, it’s a matter of professionalism. I hate Rupert Murdoch (how did we ever grant such an undesirable citizenship?) but I tune in to Fox for Brit Hume & Neil Cavuto – Hannity & O’Reilly I avoid because the blowhard:facts ratio is too high.

Hannity lost me when he started supporting Guliani and attacling our Church-all the time telling us what a devout Catholic he was.

Do you know Rupert Murdoch personally? How can you hate someone you do not know? Little harsh, don’t you think?

Yeah, Guliani and Hannity belong on the list of neo-cons.

Hannity is a perfect examole of how Cathoics rationalize voting for pro-abortion canidates. He figures Guliani will still apoint pro-life judges but fails to take into account the huge character defects of a person who would support killing our children. Such a person is unfit to hold any elected office

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