CBS President: Network Adding More Gay Characters to Its Shows

CBS will introduce more gay characters on its scripted programs in response to recently receiving a failing grade from GLAAD, CBS President Nina Tassler said Wednesday.

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It really is a conspiracy! :eek:

The reader comments after the article are probably more interesting than the article itself. Most people think it’s ridiculous to pander to special interest groups and be “forced” to awkwardly add a certain kind of character just to make them happy.

It is part of the gay agenda. To make homosexuality not just permissable but acceptable and even fashionable. The Ellen Degeneres show is a major vehicle for gay acceptance. No wonder gay marriage has now been legalized in south america as well as so many parts of the “developed” world. Many tv shows and movies have featured and still do feature gay characters very prominently already not just Will and Grace so this is nothing short of hedonism and all round decadence. Taking good for evil and evil for good as scripture puts it.

Nothing says you have to watch any of these shows. In fact, most of the shows on the “prime” channels are not worth your time or energy. Most of them pander to the lower part of our psyche and are just on to fill a void. They have no redeeming social values at all. This is also true of the hundreds of cable channels as well. If it wasn’t for the very few good programs, I would take my tv to the dump.

Maybe I don’t watch enough CBS and maybe I should just stop watching Cable TV, but I sort of think gays are over-represented in entertainment media as of late.

I’m not like oh no get them off of my TV screen, but I find the claims that there are not enough gays on tv quite shocking. I cannot vouch for CBS, which is what the article was about, but there are a lot of gay characters portrayed in positive ways in the media. If CBS doesn’t have the right headcount, for goodness sake let them be!

Nice “I heart the latin mass” Chiltepin. I don’t understand how such a small part of our population gets so much attention. Oye!

It is a conspiracy, and it extends to off-network shows also. I looked up the article though and thankfully the shows I watch will not feature gay characters as far as I can see.

My advice is if there is a gay character featured predominately in one of your favorite shows, write the network responsible for this. We can no longer keep our voices silent. It is one thing to have a gay character (who is not in a “relationship” and another that falsely shows them in a sexual relationship.

We have to begin letting these folks know, by not watching these shows and boycotting the advertisers products, that we will not let them get away with it.

I began in my music file by deleting everything that Elton John sings because he said that Jesus is gay.

Thanks! I put it together in MS Paint (so high tech, I know;)) You are welcome to take it and use it anywhere you like.

I do wonder if it is a specific headcount or more than just that GLAAD is wanting. I see more “married” gays adopting children in entertainment media than I used to see. I think that is step 2. Step 1 was to take the shock value away from gayness, which I would say has been very successful. I know I have been de-sensatised to it. It is no longer a shocking plot twist to find out someone is gay. The shock is gone, the closet is destroyed.

Step 2 is to make gay familes/relationships also appear normal, if not superior to heterosexual families. It is this type of coverage I am seeing more and more now on television. Generally script writers do not have them vocally defend their lifestyle. It is the job of heterosexual characters to brand other people as biggots, so as not to make the gay characters seem militant. I don’t know if it is life immitating “art” or the other way around, but I find that model to be true to form. The gay people I interact with are usually not making a huge deal about it, it will be some straight gay rights advocate that does all that.

Anyway, there is a gay agenda, it just might not be something being run by actual gays. Curious situation.

Well said. Whenever the topic of TV shows comes up at work, not only have I not seen most of the shows they discuss, I’ve not even heard of them. Although some of my co-workers think I’m weird, I don’t feel like I’m missing anything.

Yes it is but one part of luciferian conspiracy against God and man. Why would a man who is not attracted to a woman want a man instead who wants to be a woman? It is a corruption and mockery of God’s good design. I wonder why the crime is called sodomy…

I’m constantly baffled by the amount of coverage homosexuality gets. It seems like every day for at least the last 15 years I’ve read something in the newspaper about it, or seen something on TV. I guess that’s the desensitization part, just keep sandpapering away until people get used to it. Where is the push coming from, though? I know a few gay people, and none of them are activists. We now know that the often cited 10 per cent of the population being gay is way too high, and it’s probably closer to two per cent. If it’s that low, and the majority are not militant, then where does this massive push come from?

More reasons to turn off CBS and not support the advertiser of these shows.

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