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I agree with the previous topic on disappointment with the treatment of Catholicism.

In the first or second episode of Series 5, the Tom Selleck character makes a public statement that the Catholic Church is “behind the times” in adopting the homosexual agenda, and he accuses the Catholic Church of condemning individuals with same -sex attraction.

The writers missed the major point about Catholicism, hate the sin, love the sinner. So, off on the wrong foot, the program spun out of control into political issues including internal dissension regarding a detective not wanting to work with a cop who was outed.

If a show is going to “push” a portrait of a Catholic family, they ought to have a consultant to keep them on track, like they would have somebody with police background, to keep the cop stuff on track.

Specifically, that episode spins catholicism off into relativism, a topic too subtle to weave into the narrative.


Frank deals with the issue of homosexual victims of crime on a frequent basis. The culture of the large urban police force is at odds in some respects with the culture of Catholicism. Frank was speaking as a human being, but his words deserve respect.

An interesting parallel would be with Christopher Meloni’s character in SVU. Both he and his character (:wink:) were apparently uncomfortable with some of the trends in that show.

It is only TV.


It’s only TV, yes, when an sensitive subject comes up like Catholicism, it seems they should pay a consultant to get the right message out there.

Otherwise this is just the Hollywood versions of reality and religion.


I stopped watching this show during this episode, at the very moment you noted, and haven’t watched it since.


Well, first off, the CC doesn’t condemn. It does say SSA attraction is “disordered” - contrary to the natural order, but the church doesn’t condemn. Then you have to realize that the liberal media, of which television is a part, hates the Catholic church because it doesn’t go along with the popular culture. Catholics are not going to get a break given the current culture of Hollywood.

I would challenge you to find any program on television or in the movies that doesn’t misrepresent the CC position on almost anything. It’s not going to happen. (excepting EWTN of course)


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