CBS takes financial hit before dropping ‘Swingtown’

CBS takes financial hit before dropping ‘Swingtown’

September 4, 2008
The CBS network finally heard you loud and clear after losing millions of dollars in the Swingtown money pit.

As a result of your dedicated efforts in convincing every major advertiser to pull their commercial ads from Swingtown, CBS has decided to pull the plug and give up.

Swingtown was another brash attempt by CBS to push the envelope on network television. The weekly dose of group se*, casual drug use and teacher-student intimate relationships took its toll as ratings plummeted and advertisers put it on their “do not buy” list.

I firmly believe had you not taken time to get involved, this program would continue to air. Thanks to you, CBS has lost this fight and is giving up. The final episode will air this Friday night.

Thank you for your continued support. We are seeing great results!

Donald E. Wildmon, Chairman
P.S. Please forward this to your family and friends!

Another victory for good!





I don’t get it. CBS and the other networks know that there is a demand for family fare. Shows like Touched By An Angel were very popular. And against American Idol, *The Unit * (a very decent show) holds its own.

So why do the networks continue to draw that line and dare us to step over it? We’re going to walk away…


Because they’re run by idiots…

Trying to feed us their idiocy.

Hit em where it hurts - in their pocketbook.

:tiphat: Praise God, this is wonderful news …:bounce:

Makes you wonder wht they are thinking …:hmmm:

Certainly that’s one option.

I would say that another option is to infiltrate their territory and salt it down!

My daughter is moving to California to pursue a Master’s in Theater. (She’s been working in theater as a stage manager for several years.)

If she has the opportunity to work in TV or films, she will definitely give it a whirl. Unless the school was lying, she probably WILL have the opportunity to work for some pretty well-known writers during her matriculation.

It is our hope (and hers, as she is Catholic) that she will be a grain of salt that will help “flavor” whatever entertainment project she is involved in with godly values.

Don’t guffaw! For several years, she was involved in the conception, writing, and production of a piece of theater about gay Christians. Several people from the theater world were involved with the project, and because of HER and another man (a Christian man), this piece did NOT become a liberal whine-fest accusing all Christians of homophobia, and it did NOT present a one-sided viewpoint of homosexuality as “God’s beautiful plan for some people.”

Quite often during production meetings, my daughter and this other man spoke up and protested certain censorships and biased viewpoints.

For example, my daughter insisted that the project present the voice of the homosexual Christians who have chosen celibacy out of obedience to the Church–this was one of the most touching parts of the production.

Also, my daughter and this other man INSISTED that the production present a balanced picture of therapy to reorient homosexuals to heterosexuality.

The result of their “salty” influence was a well-balanced and compassionate production that sold out several venues and had shows added. It is being filmed and the film will premiere in October. Here is a link for anyone interested in the project:

My point is, Christians CAN and DO make a difference in the entertainment industry, and I believe that we need to help our children (or ourselves) discern whether they are called into these careers! If enough of us “lit a candle in the darkness,” the whole entertainment industry would light up!


Does she know about this:

Thank you, fellow citizens, for deciding what is and is not suitable for my consumption.

Thank you, fellow citizens, for deciding what is and is not suitable for my consumption.

Tom, if more folks wanted to consume this drivel than wanted it taken off the air, it would still be on. But the loudest voice wins in this one, namely, the voice of virtue. You can whine about how “majority rules” works or you can sit back and reap the benefits of this decision. Whether you realize it or not, the world never benefits from having trash on display, and you’ll like how your society turns out down the road if we continue to succeed at removing more of this junk from the airwaves.

Bless you!

Thank God it is gone!

I watched the first episode and could not believe that was put on television.

You are welcome!



It works both ways, Tom. I stopped watching CBS shows when they cancelled Joan of Arcadia abruptly to replace it with Ghost Whisperer.

There is a world of difference between enough people not watching the show and CBS making a financial decision and you boycotting it so that I don’t even have the option of watching it.

Censorship is never a benefit.

Sending a message to any corporation that they are acting immorally is not censorship.

but I thought that boycotts do not work, hmm guess the liberals are wrong about that

But that’s not what happened here, is it?

Not censorship, you can watch that stuff if you really want on late night cable or whatever, its not appropriate for TV.

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