CBS Turns Out ‘Guiding Light’

NY Times:

CBS Turns Out ‘Guiding Light’

CBS announced Wednesday the cancellation of the longest-running scripted program in broadcasting history, the soap opera “Guiding Light.”
The show has been on radio and television for 72 years, beginning on NBC radio in 1937 and moving to CBS television in 1952.
The show’s run will end with an episode Sept. 18.

The move came after many years of steeply declining ratings for the hourlong soap, which is owned by Procter & Gamble and thus was a link to the earliest days of daytime serial dramas on radio. The shows were eventually called soap operas because soap companies sponsored them.

A spokeswoman for P.&G., Jeannie Tharrington, said the company would seek to place “Guiding Light” elsewhere. “We’re looking at all our options,” she said. “This show started as a 15-minute radio show, and then it was a half-hour television show, so it has adapted over the years.”

I wonder how many volumes for the complete DVD set? :slight_smile:

I, for one, I am sad about this. I have been a viewer for over 30 years and I am only 41.

I don’t watch every day or record it or anything, but I see it a few times a month.

I haven’t watched any soaps in probably 15 years, but I used to watch Guiding Light regularly. I think the last time I watched it, Reva had driven off a bridge & came back later to Springfield after having amnesia & being taken in by Amish people!:shrug:;):rolleyes::D!!! I think it was the longest running soap, if I’m not mistaken. My Mom used to watch it years ago & I started watching it in the early 70’s up until the early 90’s (I’m almost 54).

I remember my mom watching this back when I was in half day kindergaarten over 30 years ago! I would get to drink a little bit of soda with her while she watched.

But since “soap opera time” and “real time” don’t progress at the same rate, you probably don’t miss much between successive viewings.

Here’s someone else’s take on how the love of a soap opera can span generations:

Soap opera’s provide proof of the afterlife. Generations pass before a character on a soap opera finishes a sentence. It is well understood that a character who starts a phrase or sentence on a daytime “drama”, i.e. soap opera,cannot finish that phrase or sentence until at least 13 sponsors have come and gone on the show. My great-great-great grandmother, who was born in 1773, was fan of “As the Stomach Turns” on daytime pony express bulletins. When TV came along later, her descendants were just as hooked on the same show, and, like her, were waiting for someone to complete a sentence they started. I am not sure if great-great-great grandmother is still reading the bulletins or not, but you can be sure that if she is, she still doesn’t know the out come of “The British are coming…The British are coming.” The bulletin still hasn’t revealed whether it is by land or by sea! When we (that is to say, those who will admit to watching soaps) see a show now, we can rest assured that we can complete our careers, move to a retirement home, take a world tour, and spoil the grand kids with out having missed one word of our favorite show. And you thought Southerner’s talked slow! There are grandchildren of actors on TV who have replaced their grandparents on the show, but have not yet completed the sentence their ancestor started.

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