CC, church of Philidelphia?

In the book of revelations, when it is speaking of the seven churches, it talks about the angel of the church of Philidelphia saying,
" he who is holy, who is true,who holds the key of David, who opens and no one will shut,and who shuts and no one opens says this…
Is this speaking of the Pope?
And then my next question is, if he is, then who are the ones at the other churches speaking of?
It all sounds like one person is speaking ot all the churches.
Like Jesus.
I am hoping someone with more knowlege then I can shed some light on this.

When Jesus gave the keys of the kingdom to Peter it was in the capacity as steward. Jesus is the King who HOLDS the keys, in other words his is the origin of the keys and can share his authority with whomever he pleases. It pleased Jesus to share his authority with Peter, and also with the Apostles to whom he gave the power to “bind and loose.” Jesus never abdicated his authority, he merely shared it with his Vicar/Steward on earth, the pope.

no, i don’t believe he’s not speaking of the pope…

i believe,
it is John writing what Jesus has said to him thru the


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