CCD class resources online?

This may be a long shot, but maybe someone can help me.

This morning I was asked to fill in to teach my son’s fourth-grade CCD class this afternoon. I did this once before and don’t think I had enough activities planned – the kids seemed pretty aware that I was making up activities as I went. The problem is, the activities in the textbook just don’t take an hour and fifteen minutes to complete, which is the length of the class.

Does anyone know where I can find some downloadable, fourth-grade-appropriate activities for a CCD class? The topic is reconciliation. Any ideas would be appreciated.

I was thinking about making a list of “forgiveness” scenarios the kids could act out. Is that lame?

With the season of Lent right around the corner, why not concentrate on self denial and penitential deeds. Maybe have them create a list of what they might want to obtain from the Lenten season, explaining why we deny ourselves of certain things.

Just trying to help, I know how it can be on a last minute request.

What series do they use? Some have on line resources (when we used Faith First, I often used

A story I have used when discussing sin and free will with kids is Sheldon VanAuken’s “Flurry” (from the book “A Severe Mercy”). If you google it, I’m sure it is available on-line.

ask your DRE for the website of your textbook series publisher, most of them have additional down-loadable resources. your text probably also comes with blackline masters that you can reproduce for enrichment activities. check out your catechist manual for additional activities to supplement the lesson. Resources for Catholic Educators Catholic Teachers Network Worksheets about Mass A list of the names of the Blessed Virgin, play a game and see who can name the most.

I teach 4th grade CCD too, hope this list helps, another thing you might want to try, is Catechism Jeopardy, make a list of questions fourth grade catechism students should know the answer to and using a chalk or white board play the “Catechism Jeopardy” game.

They won’t even realize they’re learning.

I teach 3rd grade and I’ve used quite a bit. If you’re looking for other games to reinforce what you’re teaching–google sunday school resources. From what I’ve found Baptists (at least the ones on these sites) have some wonderful ideas. You can adapt them to fit what you’re teaching. Our kids love playing hangman–we’ll use some new terms they should’ve learned and then make them give the definition. I also did a version of Bible baseball, with questions taken from what we’d covered so far in the year.

Have a great time!

Thanks, everyone, for the ideas. I later received a call that the regular teacher was going to be able to make it after all, so I ended up not needing to do it. Still, I’m sure there will be other “opportunities” to fill in down the road, so I’m going to make a note of all of these sites. It will be nice to have a list of resources in advance.

In answer to a question that was asked, they use the “Blest Are We Series,” which I’m not crazy about, but that’s what they use. The last time I filled in for the class, I noticed the textbook had some really strange definitions of certain beatitudes. For example, it stated that to be meek is “to use God’s gift’s to help others,” which is not how the dictionary nor anyone I know defines it. It also stated that to hunger and thirst for righteousness is “to share with those in need,” and again, while we all support sharing, it’s exactly the point to this particular beatitude.

But, I digress. is good and I also will use
as resources for catechism classes. What I like about Catholic culture is that it will tell you what seasons the activities are for, how much it costs (usually free or very little to make), and for what age levels-primary,intermediate, etc…
Try those out too!

God Bless

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