ccd class

I’m in ccd to receive confirmation and first communion, confession etc. I was baptized as a protestant. What religion am I considered?

If you were baptized in the Trinitarian formula (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), that should be a valid Christian baptism. :slight_smile:

For First Holy Communion, Reconciliation (Penance/Confession) and then Confirmation, those are all Sacraments of the Catholic Church. If you are enrolled in CCD at your local parish, you are in the right place!

May God Bless you on your faith journey.

You can call yourself Catholic. God Bless!

am i Roman since I belong to Roman Catholic Church?

You are Roman if you were born in Rome. You are Roman Catholic if you are studying CCD in the Roman Catholic Rite.

Welcomr home!:gopray::blessyou::slight_smile:

Thank You!

Go with the religion that Jesus created, Catholic :slight_smile:


The only thing is that since I’m in CCD, the teacher would say things like " As Catholics we do not believe in divorce ". Now I feel guilty when I’m identified Catholic because I mean I know I’m not part of the religion yet, I still see myself as a Protestant just worshiping in a Catholic Church. When people ask my religion I say Catholic but feel guilty. Shall I really call myself a Catholic?

If you are pretty decided on completing the CCD…and receiving the sacraments and are desirous of being accepted into the CC…then by heart and desire…you are catholic…and be proud of it…and show your faith by your actions.:thumbsup:

Thank you! What does it mean to be Catholic at heart?

You are not yet fully Catholic…not able to receive the Eucharist…but in your heart…you believe and affirm all that the CC teaches…you are a Catholic at heart…:thumbsup:

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