CCHD facing key test of support among US bishops [Exclusive] [CWN]

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) is facing a critical test of support among the US bishops this week, CWN has learned.

All members of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) have been asked to respond by Friday, August 27, to a confidential report on the CCHD.


I say end this organization now. i for one wouldnt give any more money for such a group.

My grateful thanks to Bellarmine Ministries, RealCatholicTV, Catholic Media Coalition and all the others who have finally brought this to light. I know we’ll never give another penny to them. Disband the entire thing!


Shut it down.

Does the Hope Appeal fund the CCHD?

Throw it in the fire.

Some organizations that get money from CCHD have been urging their supporters towards a lobbying effort to keep parishes and dioceses putting money in. About a dozen bishops have chosen not to take up a collection for this national organization. If you disagree with the CCHD, forward your concerns to your local bishop and pastor. In my local diocese, two funded groups actually led protests to oppose Catholic Charities from operating the WIC program, they wanted the County to operate the program. They may not have directly endorsed legalized abortion, but they are in coalitions with groups that do support abortion, and are not in any way cooperating with prolife groups. They are not really working to develop self-help programs for families or neighborhoods, they are an extension of the Democratic Party, relying heavily on the power of government, and the media. Complaining about CCHD on this forum is ok, but it is far more useful to communicate with your pastor and bishop. Your diocese can boycott the collection like several others do. Keep in mind they are feeling organized lobbying, maybe intimidation, to keep the money flowing.

Thanks for the good advice, PTD. It is unconsciounable to think things within the ranks have deteriorated to this point; indeed have been this way for a long long while. Are you saying that the bishops have now decided to keep this dubious thing going?

November is when they pass the basket. Let’s start a massive letter writing campaign now!

There was an article on this organization some years ago in the “Catholic World Report.” I photocopied it and sent it in the mail to my parish priest. Several weeks later when parishes in the diocese took the annual collection for this organization, he didn’t have this collection in his parish for the first time.

Michael on this topic.

I have already done that, and it went nowhere. In fact I was exceptionally dissapointed.
They misquoted my letter, they didn’t believe me, and therefore I was wrong.

I had told them in the letter that the links proving that the CCHD supported these lefty political organizations had been scrubbed and in some cases deleted. But, I also told them that I had kept and downloaded copies of the proof. THEY DIDN"T EVEN CARE ENOUGH TO VIEW IT. They just assumed I was wrong.

And so on and so forth and blah blah blah!!!

You don’t have to prove CCHD funded programs are evil (though some are). A principle of Catholic social teaching is Subsidiarity, that problems are best understood at the local level. CCHD programs and agendas have many other supporters, would be done even if CCHD stopped funding. They are NOT unique, irreplaceable programs, such as the prolife programs that have much opposition, and few supporters. You might want to point out the Catholic schools that could have been kept open if Catholic money had not been sent to Washington. Even if your bishop chooses to keep funding CCHD, he might choose not to send any money to Washington because the money is needed locally. That is a partial victory.

CCHD has been in bed with the wrong people from the beginning. It comes a s no surprise (unfortunately) that Cardinal Bernardin was a major player in CCHD’s formation.

What did the church expect? It outsourced its own responsibility by funding other groups to do it for them. Now they have not only funded pro-abortion, gay agenda, pro-contraception groups and the like, most of the other community organizing groups (sound familiar) have a deep rooted background in marxism and socialism.

Cardinal Bernardin (the Archbishop of Chicago for years) seemed to love these Saul Alinsky type of organizations. No wonder President Obama had such high praise for him when he gave his speech at Notre Dame (another fiasco and black eye to the church).

The sheer audacity of the USCCB giving aid and comfort to our Church’s enemies boggle my mind. Yet the bishops still circle the wagons on the issue. The program doesn’t need revised it needs demolished!!!

This is the latest info I could find:

CCHD Update — Hundreds of parishioners petition bishop to withdraw support for 2010 Catholic Campaign for Human Development
October 11th, 2010

**ACORN Is Very Much Alive; Funding Ban Dies This Week…**There’s a New Catholic Citizens Statement on the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

According to the report:

It appears that there are still questionable grantees; and, in fact, there has been strong criticism of the participation of members of the staff of the CCHD at the national offices of the USCCB and their membership in various controversial organizations and coalitions that work in opposition to the teachings of the Catholic Church, promoting abortion and gay “marriage.” A full report [See the full report here] of the organizations receiving grants that are not in conformity with the teachings of the Church was sent to all of the bishops in the United States by REFORM CCHD NOW.

Bishops are scheduled to debate reform of the troubled program in November.

Catholic Citizens report:

All members of the USCCB have been asked to respond to a document – “The Review and Renewal of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.” Although it has gone through five successive drafts, there is still no agreement among the bishops. Supporters of the CCHD are fearful that the bishops may call for sweeping changes at their November meeting, and are asking their allies to contact the bishops and express their satisfaction with the document, thereby halting any attempt at reform.

As one commenter stated on the article - “It’s about damned time”.

I’ll be happy when/if it finally happens.


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