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I really want to learn NFP, but my husband, for lack of better words, doesn't want to be bothered. I know that we're supposed to do it together and be on the same page, but he just isn't "there" yet. I'm thinking that if he sees for a few months that it is effective, he'll be on board.

Anyway, I purchased CCLs home study and Im wondering if anyone has any familiarity with it. I've spoken to a few NFP ladies at church and they think I"m better off learning from an actual person, rather than home study. However, with hubby not on board it's hard to get away to a class that he likely won't attend and I doubt he would want to pay for it.

Also, I'm considering combining STM w Marquette since I can get a monitor inexpensively.

Thank you!


Your husband does not have to attend class with you to learn from an instructor.


I also think that it is much better to learn from an instructor than it is to self-teach NFP. Ongoing follow-up and access to a knowledgeable instructor is essential for long-term success with NFP, either to avoid or achieve pregnancy. I know that Billings and Creighton are both instructor-based methods, and I thought that Marquette was too. I use Creighton and I'm very happy with it (and so is my husband, even if he was initially weirded out by coming along with me to the appointments). It's also covered by my insurance plan, and I'm under the impression that Creighton instruction is covered by most plans that include "birth control counseling" or "NFP".

As 1ke said, though it's ideal if your husband goes along with you to NFP instruction, it's not required.


As far as CCLI is concerned, I am aware of it and used the method for awhile but found it too cumbersome for me.

But, I did want to chime in because I wanted you to know that your husband doesn't have to learn it with you. It does help but a lot of guys aren't interested in it. Especially the parts about the mucus and the cervix (if you use CCLI)!

The one thing I do believe husbands NEED to understand is that it isn't "your" fertility, or "his" fertility, it is the marriage's fertility. Or, in other words, the combined fertility. Our dear husbands are ALWAYS fertile. It is when you are both fertile at the same time that the marriage becomes fertile. This avoids the common problem of the wife being the "gatekeeper," which can be a real turn off for both parties!

Best wishes to you in your new NFP adventure!!! It is hard and not always fun, but totally worth it!


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