CD key?

So I got a new computer right? I had a bunch of games on there, but I can’t reinstall some of them because I don’t have the CD key. Theres one I’m trying to re install, but I don’t have the CD key, but I can get it online, and found one that worked, though I think that technically it’s illegial, but i got this particular game as a Christmas gift and got it fair and square, so I’m not trying to pirate anything. Should I get another copy? What should I do?

The keys are to prevent people from stealing and as you say you got your games fair and square.
Normally people use the online keys to install games or programs on multiple computers which is stealing, but that’s not what you’re doing so I’d say go ahead.

I disagree. If the maker of the games had wanted to provide the key to the game, they would have. But they didn’t, which may have been part of their contract with the computer maker.

Sorry, but I can’t support the use of crackz. If someone truly believes they have a right to a game, but need the key, then they should contact the game maker and request the key. Otherwise, you are breaking copyright.

Well I had it, but I lost it and now I need to reinstall it.

Use the one you found. The restrictive DRM placed on software is reprehensible, the technically legal means of working within its confines are abhorrent, and especially in a situation like yours, you own it fair and square. Whatever you have to do to use your property in a reasonable manner is fine in my mind.

Definitely… I would say that you’re in the clear. I really don’t like restrictive DRM, although I do see why developers use it. That being said, I wish that more developers used a system like Steam where you log in to play your game–no key needed.

Problem solved, I contacted technical support and they gave me a new one for $10

Of course we’ll soon be into “the cloud” never installing programs on our computers at all so we won’t have to worry about install disks, keys & cracks. :smiley:

Does anyone else remember floppy disks, when a big program like MS Word or WordPerfect might come on a dozen or more disks?

If you’re talking about downloads I can’t do that, I have a 300 mb a day limit on this bandwith, its stupid.

My first computer had two floppy disks and no hard drive.-I paid somene to put a 20MB hard drive in it and thought i had all the space I would ever need.

20MB is laughably small. I have 4.47 GB of music in my I-pod. What year was this?


Wow, computers have improved in leaps and bounds since then. my computers pretty high end, I can’t imagine having computers that sound so terrible. I’m 15 so I don’t have memory of that era. I remember back when I was like 4 or 5 or something we had a windows 2000 I think, I might have been a 90 something, I’m not sure.

The floppies I am talking about were big-5 1/4 inches. Origianlly you put the program disk in the left drive and the data disk in the right. Up until the late 80s my tax programs came on 9 or 10 of the big floppies them we moved to the small floppies then cds, now I download them.,

In then early 70s i workled for an engineering firm that had a computer that took up more room than the accounting dept. It had 3 operators and was fed by 10 women who spent 8 hours a day key punhching the data we gave them on punch cards .I believe I now have more power in my wristwatch than that computer had!

It’s amazing how primitive they seem. Honestly, I think most of the computers at my school are primitive. There fairly old, the computer labs got Xps with Vista, but most classrooms have old windows 95s or 2000s. Mines practically a supercomputer compared to those. My computer is a quadcore, 64 bit computer with 6GB of RAM, it’s built for playing games. It was a Birthday present, I got it because my old computer couldnt handle the latest and greatest games because graphics are getting better and better. But I’ve seen a real supercomputer in a print something, I’m not sure. $3000, unbelievable stats. It’s amazing how far we’ve come in 30 years. even faster than airplanes, and they just keep getting better and better.

I am always reluctant to upgrade any of my Microsoft products until they have been outseveral years. I am still running windows 2000 server for my offices but will soon switch to 2003 . No way I would install server 2008.

You sure? Because this is one of the best computers I’ve ever seen or used.

I ws talking about software


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