CDC anti-abstinence sex report debunked by insiders

Study team dissenters say results conflict with data

Two members of a Centers for Disease Control team that evaluated studies of sex education programs have raised alarms, reporting that the data actually conflicts with the agency’s stated conclusion that comprehensive programs such as those emphasizing “safe sex” over abstinence are working.

The alarms are being raised by Irene Ericksen and Danielle Ruedt, two members of the CDC panel that evaluated dozens of studies and came up with the conclusion supporting the so-called “comprehensive” programs that teach children to use condoms.

They issued a minority report to warn policymakers and educators against relying too heavily on the majority document.

“According to this minority report, the study recommendations may mislead policymakers by presenting conclusions that don’t match key study findings,” confirmed Paul Birch, chief of the Institute for Research and Evaluation. “The report is important because it allows differing views on this research to be presented at a time when Congress is re-examining sex education policy.”

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Wow, I hope this goes somewhere! Safe-sex programs obviously are failing:mad:

I’m really thankful that my 16yo gets it. She told me about a sophomore who is pregnant at her school (second pregnancy…aborted the first baby :bighanky: ). I told her, “you know that whole abstinence thing works…if you don’t have sex, you won’t get pregnant.” Too which she responded, “gee…ya think??”

Casual sex is so pervasive in our society, that it has become the norm. The schools aren’t helping the situation by assuming the norm and promoting contraception. :frowning:

I agree. I was talking about this the other day. It seems like everywhere in the media and even the people I know, sex comes first then you decide whether you like the person or not and if you want to pursue anything. Sex isn’t special anymore.

It’s really sad :frowning:

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