CDC issues travel warning after new cluster of Zika infections around Miami Beach


CDC issues travel warning after new cluster of Zika infections around Miami Beach


Satu has no doubt she made the right decision. “I was probably the best-treated Zika patient in the whole world. I would say I am a privileged person,” she said.

"I had the option of terminating the pregnancy. Here in the U.S. people can mostly decide when they want to be pregnant and when they don’t want to be pregnant.

Add a new definition to the urban dictionary for the phrase ‘black on black’.


Few here want to touch this topic because it seems difficult.

Is it though?


Mary, untier of knots, pray for us.


I was looking at the potential range of the 2 mosquito carriers in the US. The more likely candidate covers about 1/3 of the country and the second likely candidate will cover about 1/2 of the country. Not to say that every mosquito is a carrier, but the potential range given the species is pretty significant.

What’s even more scary is the fact that scientists have found evidence that the virus may still be in semen ever after blood tests come back negative.

Regardless of government, science or religion, there will be discussions among couples of child bearing years on how to address this threat. There is not one single person living in affected areas that can be 100% assured of non-exposure. This is not a matter of faithfulness or sexual preference. To have a disabled child is one thing. To knowingly participate in the act of conceiving a potentially disabled child is a lot to ask any couple. Regardless of church teachings, there will be a large number of people using protection during times when they do not want to conceive, leaving virus testing to open the door as to when they can. NFP and many others forms of birth control can’t help with sexually transmitted diseases and this virus looks like it could become as wide spread as HPV.

Listening to the Pope address the lesser of two evils when it comes to zika and birth control, we have an idea of which way the Church will lean. Personally, I think the Church is in a tough spot. Many couples witll look at the threat of zika through the lens of their faith. What they will find is that the Church speaks to both sides of the issue. It will be up to them and their faith counselors as to the best paths for them to take. While we’d like to pretend that religion and politics are top down concepts, we know that they are really bottom up.


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