CDF: Big News for the Extraordinary Form

Three big changes to the EF announced by the CDF today: 1) Seven new prefaces will be added , 2) Post-conciliar saints can now be celebrated as Third Class Feasts and Commemorations, and 3) Third Class Feasts are now allowed to outrank most Third Class Ferias, including Lenten Ferias.

I expect this news to be met with diverse reactions. I’m overall pretty darn happy about it!


It’s important to note that all of these changes are ad libitum, so I expect most of the 1962-purists to just stick with the missal we already have. I don’t see many priests who celebrate the TLM taking up the new prefaces, especially since most of them are taken straight from the Ordinary Form, but I know a lot personally who will be ecstatic to finally celebrate more recently canonized saints. I’m most happy with the last of the changes for obvious reasons: I hate that St. Thomas Aquinas never and I mean never gets a full celebration due to Lent.


You could be able to pray his Office though if you become a lay Dominican. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The changes include the Office! So no extra heavy lifting now. :wink:

Another thing to note, the CDF provides a table of feasts of traditional dates that cannot be impeded by addition of any of the new feasts coming over from the post-conciliar martyrology. Our boy Tommy is included! :slight_smile:

It would’ve been really nice if this news broke before Lent this year, but I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth.


I wonder if that means missals and breviaries will be reprinted.

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I haven’t seen anything about new propers, so presumably the same commons would be used and you wouldn’t need to get an entirely newly printed missal or breviary. Just print a copy of the seven (optional) new prefaces and stick them behind the others.

EDIT: Also for the Office of Prime, print out sheets for the newer Saints from the martyrology. That might be a little more unwieldy and would likely require a freshly published martyrology.

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This is great to hear. Especially in regards to the post-conciliar feasts. It’s what enrichment of the rites is all about. Now they just need to use the EF to enrich the OF… Restoration of prayers at the foot of the altar, anyone? :wink:


Dear Ordinary Form,

Thank you very much for the enriched ordo. Here, please take some Septuagesima and Embertide as a token of our gratitude.

Extraordinary Form


I was mostly meaning in regards to the calendars. I wouldn’t mind praying Offices for newer Saints, but it’s going to be a bit of a pain to keep up with them if I don’t see them in my breviary.

Oh well. That’s what FSSP wall calendars are for I guess! :rofl:


Lol I hope not. I just bought mine. Ain’t cheap either!


I know, I was just thinking that it’s a good thing I’ve had my set of books for a while… :rofl:


P.S. And have a little Pentecost Octave to boot.


Mutual enrichment time!


My Missal was published in 1959 so I should probably have got a new one by now anyway. But I got it when I made my first Holy Communion and it has a nice commemorative front cover. I know that shouldn’t matter but it does.

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Gggrrrrrgh! Just when you think you understand you learn you’re wrong.

I thought that feasts outranked ferias if of the same or higher class, e.g. a third class feast would outrank a third class feria, but you’re saying third class ferias outrank third class feasts. (We need an emoji of a man banging his head against the wall.)

Not quite. Lenten ferias are explicitly stated in the general rubrics to outrank 3rd class feasts. They have the rankings listed in the general rubrics in my breviary.

These are listed in order of precedence.

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I don’t appear to have the rubrics in any of my missals (just checked three). I need to go back online and look at them de novo.

Since that is the prerogative of publishers, you can be sure that some will.

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Oh, that’s not from my missal, that’s from my breviary.

Ah! Wow, I can’t believe I’ve only just realised this. It seems to me most of the bookcases in my house have a copy of a pre-Vatican II Missal. I don’t posses a single pre-Vatican II Breviary, though.

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