Cdl. O’Malley Launches Inquiry Into Gay Misconduct At Seminary

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Leave no stone unturned!


Very interesting deveopments.
This is the seminary that is used by my diocese, and there have also been allegations from someone here.

This rot runs very deep, and on both sides, progressive and traditional. May God have mercy on these men who committed the heinous acts.


About time. They apparently also kicked the homosexuals out of the Honduras seminary after the story broke a couple of weeks ago, except for the ones under Cardinal Maradiaga (who is one of Pope Francis’ C9 Cardinals).


Probably 50+ years too late.

Look up the notorious “Pink Palace” --seminary in Baltimore.

I once had a teaching job, and when I walked into the first staff meeting (70+ teachers) virtually all the males were wearing pink or purple. As I got to know them, I found that probably half of them (all homosexuals) had been in the seminary.

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This is disgusting !

St John’s Seminary in Brighton MA, was supposed to have been cleaned up back after Cardinal Law was removed.

Apparently not.

St John’s Seminary became the seminary serving all the dioceses in New England,



The seminary should be a safe place for our future priests to ba able to nurture their mind and spirit as they prepare for their ministry.

I agree with the poster above who stated this not an issue of progressive vs. traditional priests. I believe the culture is more pervasive.

I don’t have much confidence. I question the supposed ignorance of prelates about this activity. The idea that seminaries and the priesthood are overrun with homosexuals is well known. Yet nothing is done until someone from inside reveals the truth outside the system.

Any investigatory board chosen by the bishop is not really independent. At this point we really need some sort of truly independent body to investigate this and every Church institution.


Why is little being done to root them out?

God bless Card. O’Malley. The issue is so pervasive.

I agree completely. I am from Massachusetts originally, and have heard horror stories for years about the culture at St. John’s.

I have long believed - and believe even more strongly now - that many of the perpetrators of these atrocities sought admittance to the seminary, and then ordination, specifically because they knew their proclivities would be tolerated, and because of the access they would have to victims. This goes beyond a matter of a deficiency in a screening process. I have come to believe that these proclivities were often welcomed and encouraged by those in power. The devil has been busy, indeed.

It is time for faithful lay people to wrestle control of this situation away from corrupt or complicit bishops, and for a very thorough housecleaning. Bishops must stop circling the wagons and acting like foxes in charge of the chickens.


I know a lot about the Pink Palace but have never heard of the men actually wearing pink. Was it some sort of signal or others? Like a club?

I’m not sure you understood my post. I was talking about a teaching job I had, not the infamous “Pink Palace.” And although I’m sure some would argue about my fashion sense, straight guys don’t habitually wear pink or purple shirts.

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Depends on the age. Today men typically wear whatever colors they want without fear of being categorized.

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I wear a purple shirt :angry:

I sense people are getting rather militant… :neutral_face:

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Darn right. No more of this.


I have heard of the Lavender Mafia, but not the Pink Palace.

I have my Parish as one of the beneficiaries of my life insurance policy. Does the Archdiocese get any of that when I die ? A percentage ?

Of course. They are a beneficiary.

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