CeeLo Green's "Mary, Did You Know...?"


What do you think?

Pretty cool rendition.

However, that’s still one of the worst Christmas songs ever. Anytime anyone sings it I have to fight the urge to keep shouting “YES!!! She did! Obviously! It’s called the Annunciation!! Read a Bible!!!” :wink:

lol. YES! :smiley:

Yeah! I agree with you. I just like the way this one was rendered.


Besides, the guy who wrote that song was, IIRC, involved in some sort of scandal. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I first heard the song only about 4 years ago! I like it, especially would like to hear the version done by Kenny Rogers. His voice has always been a favorite of mine. So mellow and unusual, very talented. Last time I saw him on tv, he was losing his voice, could still sing, but not nearly as well, but that happens to the greatest voices when they get into old age.

And that statement sounds a lot like detraction (if it is true) or slander (if it is not). I have a finger on the pulse of Southern Gospel Music, and I have never heard of Mark Lowery’s being involved in any scandal.

In any case, the criticisms of “Mary Did You Know” are a very dead horse.

Apologies, I stand corrected. My information was based on a Protestant apologetics site that provided false information. I hereby retract my former posting and apologize unconditionally to Mr. Lowry. :frowning:

But the song is still theologically lousy.

. . . only if you assume that the writer/singer’s point of view is that Mary did not know. However, the repeated line in the lyric is not “Mary, you didn’t know . . .” but “Mary did you know . . .” The point of view is someone who is genuinely interested in interviewing Mary to find out what she did know. Mark Lowery himself confirmed this in his explanation of how he wrote the lyric: youtube.com/watch?v=g4S_WnDSzpY

(And I think it’s pretty obvious from the Gospel accounts that Mary did not know/understand everything that there was to know/understand about Jesus and His mission. That doesn’t take anything away from her status as Theotokos; it confirms her humanity.)

That makes sense. Thanks for the explanation. :thumbsup:

The second part, especially, is consistent with what St. Luke said about “pondering these things in her heart”.

But don’t get me started on “Breath of Heaven”. :wink:


I love that song.

I take it as rhetorical.

“Hey did you know your have a beautiful granddaughter” = You have a beautiful granddaughter.


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