Celebacy or any material LUST, COMPETES with the heart's LOVE Of God

:confused: Why NOT write or talk about that on air? All things of this Earth in their hate of God, and thence Jesus/(half-Spirit), cannot stand to be ignored and unloved on par with God… Love is control, utter and complete. What the heart ,“COVETS/LOVES,” the body quests for inordinately and maybe even UN-NATURALLY if unobtainable!

The whole word - “CORRUPTION” - came from the LOVE of GOD, which was 1st, un- Corrupted… In as much a God is jealous, so is/are all things competing with his Love of this Earth…

So if one/you are going to write a ,“BOOK,” expaining celebacy, one must examine and explain all that is IN COMPETITION, that exists here in this universe, with the singular LOVE of God, including sex, talents, abilities, (including athletics), and material accumulations. Anything that could be venerated or loved!

Finally, things of this WORLD, and people HATE what they can NOT control, i.e. “THE LOVE OF GOD”, both ways… Whether one/you are talking about SEXUALITY and CELEBACY or anything which can be ,“VALUED/LOVED/CHERISHED,” in this life, universe.

To add injury to insult those that have CORRUPTION of God Love, “both ways,” have less GRACE - ability to RESIST SINFUL WAYS and DEEDS : 1) Selfish Pride and Vanity and accomplishment Publically acknowleded, 2)UnLoving Anger with no means to calm and peacefullness, 3) Lust which burns and cannot be extinguished without aging, especially amoung atheletes who worship their bodies, 4)Gluttony- the foolish accumulation of things as a defense against bad times and evil happeninstance, 5)Sloth - The avoidance of work both Spiritual and Earthly, 6)Greed - Hungry eyes and hearts, 7) Envy - Hungry minds without a true God to contemplate.

Without Grace little defense exists and one is CORRUPTED in LOVE and Jealous of those who seem to be ,“CONTENT & HAPPY,” to an almost delirious state.

de-lir-i-ous (di-lire-s)adj. 1. Of, suffering from, or characteristic of delirium. 2. Marked by uncontrolled excitement or emotion; ecstatic: delirious joy; a crowd of delirious baseball fans.–de-lir’i-ous-ly adv. --de-lir’i-ous-ness n.

Excerpted from American Heritage Talking Dictionary
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