Celebrating Christmas

Does anyone happen to know what Christian denomination celebrates Christmas through the first week of February?

For years, our neighbors across the street have kept up their beautiful outdoor lights, tree and window candles for over a month and a half after Christmas.

They are Christians, yet rather keep to themselves and aren’t open to sharing their faith so we do highly respect their privacy.

We’re simply curious, yet can’t find any info concerning this online.

I read on this forum that this is a Polish tradition.

Eastern Rite Catholics celebrate, sing Christmas carols, until Feb 2nd, the presentation in the Temple. We just had our parish Christmas dinner on Sunday, with carols. I will be taking down our decorations this week.

There’s something very peaceful to have Christmas to ourselves, although we celebrated with the rest of the world on Dec 25. It’s more like the silence and awe of that first Christmas.

Pennyincanada, thanks ever so much for sharing this. Now I’m going to enjoy searching out information concerning the Eastern Rite Catholic Church. (We’d no idea that it even existed…!)

We have a lot of Eastern Rite churches in our city and many RC folks don’t know that they are Catholic. Hope you find a parish that you like, it can be quite a culture shock at first but it grows on you. I especially have enjoyed vespers on Sat nights over the years. The hymnology is beautiful and full of catechism. If you have questions, come back and ask.

I just about fell over laughing when I read this, not because there isn’t a tradition of some sort (Which I see some have mentioned above), but because we still have our lights up outside for no other reason than my wife and kids like them.

We would never pull anything down until the Christmas season is over, but I bet the neighbors have been wondering for weeks.

Doesn’t the Vatican leave up the Christmas trees until February 2, Candlemas?

I haven’t taken anything down. :rolleyes:
My trees are still up. The villiage is still taking up the “greenhouse” .
My mother’s tradition was nothing was taken down until after stockshow which was at the end of January.

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