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Just had a wonderful baby shower for our daughter who is expecting her first child. We had a nice variety of people - friends her age, my friends, friends from work...

She asked for no party games; I respected that. We had fun visiting, eating and ooohing & aahing over baby items. :p

When guests arrived, I had them sign a baby towel to give mom as a memento. I also had the guests address an envelope and put it in a bag. Mom drew out 2 envelopes and the winners got Starbucks cards. The envelopes will be used for thank you cards. (I hope) They received 2 car seats (one from us), a stroller from the other grandparents and lots of clothes.

I posted Friday night about favors. I ended up getting sheer blue bags and putting a small rubber duck and some baby footprint candy in each. Mom took home the larger rubber duck that was on the cake.

It was so much fun. :thumbsup:


Wow, that sounds like it was a blast! I love baby showers…


Congratulations! How exciting for you to celebrate your first grandchild! Thanks for sharing about the baby shower!


Baby shower? :confused:


sounds like fun–no games thank you:thankyou:
if everybody had this attitude toward baby showers=celebrate life=they would be much better events


My daughter is expecting her fifth child. Her next door neighbor just hosted a baby shower for her. Everybody who came was rejoicing with us over the birth of this baby. One person gave her a blueberry bush.

Let’s have more baby shower stories!


[quote="Nelka, post:4, topic:238459"]
Baby shower? :confused:


I see you're in England. :tiphat:
Maybe "baby shower" is just an American term.:confused: I don't know if it is or not. (Sometimes the British seem to speak a different language than we Americans speak. :)) Baby showers are parties for expectant (or new) moms and their babies. The baby is "showered" with gifts, like rain drops falling from the sky--but, no, we do not literally drop the gifts on them. It's more like we drop off gifts at a party--and there are usually party games and food and fun--all around the theme of babies. We have bridal showers here too for women getting married. The tradition of "showers" probably started because women who are having their first child or starting a new home usually need many supplies to help prepare for such a major life changes.


What an awesome baby shower :D

I did not want games at mine, but I got no option, they measured my belly with Crepe paper anyway :rotfl:



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