Celebrating new saints not in my old LOTH



Today is the obligatory Memorial of St. Andrew Dung-Lac and his companions. I have a 4-volume Liturgy of the Hours from 1976, so this feast is simply not present in my book. There seems to be a proper reading at the Office of Readings, and a proper prayer - but I have no access to them in the breviary.

Can I use the 2nd reading & concluding prayer from the Common of Martyrs, and still be in communion with the universal prayer of the Church for St. Andrew and his companions?


There’s actually a supplement to the LOTH that has those saints. But otherwise you can use the commons, including the collect in the common of several martyrs. Or find the collect on-line, print it out, and stick it in your breviary for future use. The second reading equally can be taken from the Common.


Thank you, OraLabora. Very good and clear answer.


You can get it on-line at: Divine Office


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