Celebrations As Croatia Bans Gay Marriage

see blogs.aljazeera.com/blog/europe/celebrations-croatia-bans-gay-marriage
The Croatian people, most of whom are Catholics, have just voted to amend their country’s constitution to forbid gay marriage. Much of the media, activists, and the government, which has begun promoting the legalization of gay unions, resisted this unsuccessfully. Croatia is a country of four and a half million people in Europe, east of Italy.

Yea, Croatia! :):thumbsup::yup::bounce::clapping:


A glimmer of hope!

That’s right, i remember now, Croatia and Serbia have always followed the Gospels set forth by the Lord. :shrug:

Hurrah for the Catholic Croatians who follow the teachings of our Faith!!!:signofcross:

It is possible to shut the devil out!

So you are saying they can’t change. I take it you are happy though. You are Catholic after all :thumbsup:

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