Celebrities supporting terrorist regimes

How many celebrities are supporting terrorist regimes?

common bones! No teasers. Start naming numbers and names. :smiley:

We can start with Madona or how about Danny Glover?

That depends. How many are democrats?

Almost all of them.

These celebrities who support the terrorists do not know where their bread is buttered at. The first thing the terrorist want to do in the U S is to get rid of the filthy **** coming out of Hollywood,both the movies and the actresses. They have stated that our culture is obscene and they have mentioned by name those who are in the limelight. . I have to admit that in this I can support them. Hollywood in mostly filth. These trashy gals would have been locked up just a few years ago for exposing themselves the way that they do. Their use of drugs to obliterate their lives and lifestyles show how they are on the wrong path. They can’t stand themselves. They need our prayers. They are the lost sheep. They have nothing to live for except making their bodies feel good,for thrills.Pray for them.

This is true.

Umm, Huh?! Not saying I don’t believe you, but I hadn’t heard this. How are they supporting terrorist regimes? I’d really like to see supporting evidence.


Danny Glover apparently supports Hugo Chavez’s regime in Venezuela; although, I don’t know that I’d consider that to be a terrorist regime exactly, but certainly not a friendly one either.

As for Madonna, I’ve never heard about that one and would definitely like to see some evidence.

I haven’t heard about Madonna supporting anything other than Kabbalah. But there are any number of celebs who think that Fidel Castro is quite the wonderful man. Danny Glover, Tim Robbins, Steven Spielberg are a few who spring to mind. Vanessa Redgrave has long been a supporter of Hamas. Now Hugo Chavez is the dictator du jour.

It simply amazes me that people who owe their livelihood to the media haven’t criticized Sr. Chavez for shutting down the country’s only independent TV station. Plus he is trying to put through “reforms” that will make him dictator for life.

He is going to be a thorn in the side for some time.

Now wait a minute. I am 100% opposed to Castro and Chavez and their repressive, oppressive and militantly atheist regimes. But I’ve never seen any reports of either of them engaging in “terrorism” (killing random innocent civilians in order to achieve political objectives by terrorising civilian populations and their governments into submission). Use words in their proper meaning, or soon any word can mean anything. A “terrorist” is not just “a nasty violent guy whom I disagree with”.

So it looks like the answer to the OP’s question is “zero”, or maybe one (Vanessa Redgrave. Though I’ve never seen evidence that she supports Hamas terrorism, only that she supports the Palestinian cause in general.)

On the other hand, when the OP claims that almost all of them are Democrats, he’s not incorrect since “almost all” of zero is in fact zero.

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