Celebrity Gossip in the Workplace

Is the an issue for anybody? Right now, the speculation about the parentage of Michael Jackson’s unfortuntate children is rife, and other issues such as the cause of his death and the questionable actions of his doctors is hot news.
One of my coworkers is passionate about celebrity gossip. I am tired of it. Because I am tempted to give an opinion and contribute, I get drawn in. I asked the boss for a change of desk citing more light and quiet, but she moved me only a little bit away.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I might do? I am so tired of being drawn in and always feel ashamed of myself afterwards. Gossip is gossip no matter what. There is a generation gap between me and my co-workers and I don’t mind being the old fogey for God’s sake, but I am as gossipy as anyone else, and I enjoy it and can’t seem to stop. I confess it again and again. Thank you for reading this.:frowning:

I have the same problem, it’s so hard to not chime in…I wish I had a solution,but I am faced with the same problem…:frowning:

I had the same problem at my last job; we had several co-workers who were celebrity gossips, and it is VERY difficult not to get sucked into these nonproductive conversations. You have to be aware of the topic, force yourself NOT to join in and respond only with neutral comments. When it got to be too much, I would ask one of them a work related question (or some other distraction), and when it got REALLY bad, I would get up, walk away from my desk and take my time making copies, pouring another cup of coffee or even fixing my hair in the restroom! :cool:

I hate gossip in the workplace .I have learned the hard way to keep your mouth shut .Gossip in any fashion celebrity or not is not good .As for MJ I am not a fan of his but I pray that he is at peace .

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