Celebrity Sightings!

Hey all! Have a fun little topic:

I have had a few celebrity encounters in my life. I met and got an autograph 10 years ago from the Lollypop Kid munchkin from the Wizard of Oz, and this past year, ran into Michael Buble in a barnes and noble (pitter-patter went my heart) and he signed my brand new Cesar Milan book. I accidently brushed up against the lead singer of Skillet (another pitter-patter moment), shook President Bush’s hand and said hi to Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin.

Who have you guys met over the years??

Mary Lou Retton signed her book for me when I was a junior in high school, I sold candy to Dianne Cannon on Bourbon Street, Gerald McCraney (major Dad) was a nice guy, The 2003 to 2006 New Orleans Hornets Basketball teams were great guys Some were clients of mine.Lenny Kravitz also very sweet.

I saw Ronald Reagan give a speech in a mall when he was running for President in 1980, found myself dancing two persons away from Sally Struthers in the late 1970's, and was sitting at a table in a Diner next to Barbara Eden's table. My father, though, sat at a lunch counter in Camden, NJ, with Betty Grable....back when stars made live appearances at the Movie Theaters.

Tom Hanks joined in to sing “Happy Birthday” in Sun Valley. He was then preparing to film the majority of Castaway.

Unfortunately, I didn’t actually meet him. We were at a restaurant.

I think the only "celebrities" I have met are only really famous in certain niche circles: Catholic and progressive heavy metal. :o

I've met more EWTN personalities and bishops than I can really list, and I've met a few bands (like Dream Theater and Savatage) that the vast majority of people have never heard of.

I don't know if I'd count any of that as a celebrity sighting, though.

i never got the big deal about meeting celebritys there just people

Fr. Larry Richards… :’)
Lol, seriously, none and I don’t care to. Except maybe Pope Benedict XVI

In my life, I have had precious few celebrity meetings, despite avidly following the entertainment industry and living near L.A.

Around 1990, I met Michael Gira of the Swans. His band had just released The Burning World, and was playing a free concert at UCSD, where I went to school. I handed him a pile of CDs to autograph. I also got Jarboe’s autograph, but did not get to meet her; she was a bit more antisocial.

Around 1992, I went to see Concrete Blonde play a “secret” show at the Whisky A-Go-Go in Hollywood. Bernadette Peters was also in attendance, and I do believe that I helped scare her off by loudly mentioning her presence to a friend. Sometime near this happening, I met Johnette Napolitano, lead singer of Concrete Blonde, in a Tower Records in L.A.

I have met two bishops of the Phoenix diocese, Bishop Thomas J. O’Brien, and Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted.

Last June, I rented a car and drove out to Los Angeles again to try and meet Melissa Joan Hart. I didn’t quite get my wish, but I did get to see her live, promoting her TV show, Melissa & Joey, and I was able to ask a question from the audience. The next day, I visited her candy store, Sweet Harts, in Sherman Oaks.

That’s about all I can recall off the top of my head…

Shook President Reagans hand. Actually ran into Peter Graves (Mission Impossible) and landed on the floor. He looked about 10 feet tall from that angle. He was very, very nice. Joan Baez (not a very nice lady.)
Chatted with Bing Crosby while he visited hospital where I worked.
He was very nice.
Cyd Charisse sat next to me in United Red Carpet Club in Hawaii.

Was able to go on board Ricky Nelsons plane and get his autograph the week before it crashed and he died. Still have the autograph. He was very nice.

Not being American, none of you would recognize the name, but I almost literally ran into the star player of our city's football (as in Rugby League, we play three different codes in Australia) team - he was running out of the bar attached to their clubhouse as I was walking in.

I gotta few good ones for ya, but this is my fave:

I danced with John Travolta at a party...on the beach, as the sun set, on the French Riviera.


Not really celebrities, but I've had incidents involving politicians here in Massachusetts.

I once got my back slapped by Jim Oganowski (brother to John Oganowski, the pilot of one of the planes that crashed into the WTC), when he was running for State Senate and glad-handing at the store where I work. Scared me half to death (I wasn't expecting it, plus due to multiple issues, I don't like total strangers touching me, even in friendly ways), and then asked me, "Will you vote for me?" My reply: "I'll consider it..."

I also hid from Martha Coakley when she was visiting my town's library while running for the special election to fill the Senate seat that had been vacated at Ted Kennedy's death. I saw her coming and since she's far from being my favorite person, I hid behind a bookcase full of atlases.

Only Spudz Makenzie does anyone remember him?

Oh yea we went on the Disney cruise and my kids danced with the seven dwarves in the play they put on. We also Met Mickey who laughed when my DD ran into a clear glass wall running to meet him (it was funny) and all the princesses

I have had full on conversations with Ralph Nader and Tony Melendez.

I met Nader at the Miami Book Fair where he gave a speech on his book "Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us." I got the book signed by him and then saw him being interviewed by C-SPAN. After the interview he was going to sign more books. I ended up walking with him to the location of the book signing so we had a nice 3-5 minute conversation.

Tony Melendez is a Catholic musician who plays guitar with his feet since he was born without hands. He played at World Youth Day for JP2. My family drove 3 hours to go see him in Orlando. When he entered the sanctuary of the Church where the "concert" was being held my mom said, "Go up and talk to him. If you don't you'll regret it." So my mom and I went up to him and we sat down and had a nice conversation. He gave me his newest CD for free, gave my family a shout out for driving 3 hours (he was honored someone would do that) to see him, and then signed a copy of his book for me. He is such a nice man.
Here's a video of him playing for the Holy Father: youtube.com/watch?v=zlZPYGBXQ44

A few years ago Jim Cavizel spok at my church. I was in the second pew so I was really close.

Not a celebrity, but still someone famous. I met Joe Gallaway. He is the author of the book We Were Soldiers, that the movie was based on. He signed my book.

I met the '88 Bat Mobile. I was only about 4 or 5 years old when I saw it, but I remember it very well.

For someone who is not a huge sports fan, I have seen/met a number of pro players.

I actually had dinner with Hank Aaron when I was in high school. He was a spokesman for Magnavox, the company for which my dad worked.

My dad was also friends with Jim Grabowski, nice man and cool Super Bowl ring!

Joaquin Andujar held a door open for me–he was really handsome in person!

I met David Green, who was a very good player for the Cardinals, then got injured. They brought up a new guy to fill in…Willie McGee. Willie never got sent back down…:slight_smile:

I got a visit from Karen Carpenter when I was in the hospital for an infection when i was 10 years old she was doing a program where all the proceeds were going to help patients who did not have insurance I could not leave my room so she came up and visited with me.she was a very nice person and autographed and gave me a copy of her then latest record and you know she wasn’t very tall maybe an inch taller than I am now I am 5 feet 2 and 3/4 inches

I got blessed by Blessed JPII.

Shook hands 2x w/ Pres. Clinton

Ronald Reagan was at my college to unveil the Knute Rockne stamp.

At the same opera with JFK, Jr. (WOW)

Kate Snow interviewed me for the NBC nightly news last year. (She is super sweet.)

Had picture taken a couple months ago with Brat-Packer Andrew McCarthy (and he is the sweetest guy!!!)

Guys who made in big in football that I know from school don’t count.

At a part-time job, I once made a telemarketing call to 1950's B-movie starlet Acquanetta. Does that count? :)

I have met quite a few bands at record stores: everyone in The B-52's, Natalie Merchant from 10,000 Maniacs (she is TINY), Throwing Muses. I did get to see Nirvana touring in support of their very first album - I was one of 3 or 4 people there. No bouncers or anything.

Edited to ask: What counts as "celebrity" anymore? I am acquainted with quite a few artists who are 'retired' from the business and therefore don't have any agents per se or press flaks or PA's (personal assistants.) The bar to celebrity has gotten a little lower - which is good insfoar as accessibility to artists you like, but not good insofar as insta-celebs like Kim Kardashian.

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