Celebrity Sightings!

Cool. He came and played for my high school back when I was still in high school (an ever increasing number of years ago). His brother came with him and I still remember his brother saying that Tony may have been born without arms, but it is we who are the ones who are so often handicapped in heart. It was definitely an inspirational event.

I was making deliveries on my job one day, to a local amusement park, when I walked by in the parking lot, close to the business office,the sweetest, most charming little three year old little girl I have ever seen. She was wearing her blond hair in little pig tails, and was wearing sunglasses (that were a little too big), a hat, shorts and little sandels. Someone had bought her a plus toy that she was hugging tight. While I was admiring the little the little girl, I walked by a few adults, including a blond woman who look a little familiar, and went to make my delivery. The whole office was a buzz because the little girl’s mother was Michelle Pfeiffer! they had come to the park by the back way so they could quietly enjoy the day

Bill Clinton once gave a speech at our local Augusta State University Gym during the 90’s. Attended along with hundreds of other people. Watched him make his speech from one of the upper tier bleacher seats. Never got close to him.

Also saw Wolf Blitzer of CNN at the same event preparing to make a report live as we the audience was leaving.

Those are my “sightings.” :):slight_smile:

That reminds me of an anecdote Jared Fogel (of Subway Sandwiches fame) related in a book he wrote some years ago about his path to fame and success.

He was waiting in line somewhere in California some years ago and noticed this georgeous little girl kept staring at him. She kept doing this for a couple of minutes-----Jared was amused---------then the girl’s father, who was standing in front of her, turned around-------Jared then noticed the girl’s father was Jerry Seinfeld.

Seinfeld actually recognized Jared-------“Jared…from the commercial,” he said, and started talking to Jared. They proceeded to have a nice conversation.
Seinfeld actually asked Jared how did it feel like to be “pop culture icon.” This is Jerry Seinfeld asking Jared Fogel that. Awesome.

Cool anecdote—to me.

Occassionally it IS agreat world we live in.

I haven’t met or even seen anybody. (Saw Joe Biden’s motorcade when he spoke at the undergrad’s graduation, and then saw his son, when he spoke at my graduation).

But my mother-in-law got to meet and get her picture taken with Will Smith. She said he was a very nice guy. (He visited the paper where she works and has the picture to prove it).

Ha, that reminds me. My aunt has a picture of herself kissing Willie Nelson. She met him outside one of his shows and asked to take a picture with him. Right before the photo was snapped, she decided to plant one on his cheek. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh… let’s see…

Met JPII in 1991 when my BIL was ordained (by JPII) in Rome… just a handshake, but that counts!

I met Barbara Mandrell at the height of her career in 1981 when she performed at the Special Events Center in El Paso, TX. I was twelve years old and she took a few minutes to talk to me and sign my autograph book. I was such a huge fan of hers!

Three of my facebook friends are authors: J. Michael Orenduff (the “Pot Thief” mysteries), Lorna Barrett (the Booktown mysteries) and Aimee Thurlo (the Ella Clah and Sister Agatha mysteries). All very nice people and apt to share what’s going on in their lives and comment on mine! (technically, I have not MET them physically, but carrying on a conversation about poodles, places to eat in Old Town Albuquerque and writer’s block kind of counts, doesn’t it???)

Sightings: Vanessa Williams was in line ahead of us at Costco when we lived in Mt. Kisco, NY 15 years ago. Fr. Mitch Pacwa was on his cell phone when we walked past him in the airport in Albuquerque three years ago. When I was about 11 or 12, we had a big grand opening of our mall in El Paso and I got to see/meet–Irlene Mandrell (sister of Barbara, co-star of the hit variety TV show), Dean Butler (he played Almanzo Wilder on “Little House on the Prairie”), Kurt Thomas (gymnast), and Rafael Septien (former kicker for the Dallas Cowboys–my sister got hit in the face when he demonstrated a punt in the parking lot, so she actually did get to meet him, albeit painfully!)

Probably others, but those are the ones that stand out!

lol i love willie nelson ok thats the only celbratiy id like 2 meet, ive always wanted 2… wait nm y’all would lecture me :stuck_out_tongue: :hey_bud:

I met the Moffatts and Hal Sparks.

We used to have a condo on the beach in FLA. And the Allman brothers rented it out and trashed it.

I had a brief thing with an actress most of you probably are familiar with. It wasn’t enough to call a real relationship, but she did send me letters with glitter and stickers for a while. It went nowhere because we lived far apart and I had no intentions on moving to LA. Also, I’m pretty sure she’s not practicing her faith. :frowning:

I’m so sorry to hear that! Was this a long time ago? Butch, Greg and Jaimoe are all in their mid-late sixties. I’ve met Butch a couple of times, he seems like a very nice man, easy-going guy. I can’t imagine him being involved with a condo trashing at this stage in his life, but perhaps in earlier days…

Ran into this very handsome man in the lobby of a CA hotel. Actually, he was gorgeous. Just standing there wearing a well tailored suit, reading a poster, smoking a cigar. Turned out he was the late James Coburn. At the time, he was about 66. If what he had was presence to make me stop and stare, then he had it.

I recently took a little trip to West Hollywood with some friends, but I had to fly out a few days early to meet some obligations. The day that I left, my two friends got to see Elisabeth Moss (Peggy from “Mad Men”) at Chateau Marmont. Man, was I upset that I left early.

Funny. :p:thumbsup:

Would you give a hint as to who this actress you went out with was?

Guess not.

Oh, well.:blush::shrug:

Over the years I have been very fortunate to meet a number of persons of note:
I had a 20 minute phone conversation with VP Joe Biden when he was in town “not
I shook hands with President Jerry Ford.
Ditto with Chelsia Clinton.
Chatted with Dick Cheney (before he became VP)
Chatted with Liz Cheney.
Lunch with Senator Arlen Specter (R–PA)
Had a beer with Professor Allen Bloom (best selling political philosopher)
Spent a few days with Father Stanley Jaki OSB (Templeton prize winner)
Had lunch with Judith Martin (aka Miss Manners)
Met Richard Price (novelist nand screenwriter)
Shook hands with Tierney Sutton (jazz singer)
Ditto Joe Paterno
Had an argument with Abbie Hoffman (hippie) back in the day.
Had an argument with Alan Keyes (presidential candidate)
Chatted with Oriole Boog Powell about the good old days.
Met Stan Musial at an autograph session.
Ditto Brooks Robinson.
Chatted briefly with presidential candidate George H.W. Bush.
Met Barbara Mikulski (MD Senator–D)
Chatted with Mary Travers (of Peter, Paul and Mary)
Met Joe Morello (drummer with the Dave Brubeck Quartet)
Had a cocktail with Dick Morris (Clinton advisor and author)
Met disgraced VP Spiro Agnew when he was governor pf Maryland
Was on a panel with Bill Kristol before he left academia to be chief of staff with Dan
Quayle and neo-con editor and tv talking head

several years ago we were dining in a popular and legendary restaurant in hollywood and spotted eric roberts and got his autograph. we also spotted dan akroyd entering a movie theatre in hollywood. they are just people and many of them are not that happy with their celebrity. it has pros and cons that is for sure.

The farmer that my co-worker used to work for hired many years ago to work as a stable hand…“Art Carney”. He was a quiet kid, who always kept to himself. :slight_smile:

Haha, well she does have two and a half well-known castmates. :stuck_out_tongue: There’s more than one female on her show, but that should narrow things down…

I met Barry Williams (aka Greg Brady), saw Tom Selleck when I was in New York, and I’m friends with the Gregory Brothers (you know, the “Autotune The News” guys you find on YouTube).

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