Celiac Disease and the Eucharist

I do not have celiac disease, but my ex-Catholic aunt does. She says she can’t understand why God would create the host and then cruelly create celiac disease. I agreed that it made no sense. I’ve been very upset about it lately. I know about the low-gluten hosts, but that isn’t really the point. Why would God put someone in a position that partaking in Holy Communion would mean consuming something harmful? It breaks my heart that something as precious as the Eucharist can make people sick.

A good friend of mine has celiacs. He refuses to take the low gluten host. He says that the pain he gets (and it’s not so severe that he is in bed) reminds him of Jesus and what he suffered for us. He says that Sunday is the one day where he is constantly reminded of how much God loves him because he “can feel it all day.”

For those with celiac disease, it’s perfectly acceptable to just receive the chalice, because it fully contains Jesus as much as the host does.
Tell your aunt to speak to the priest about this and what he should do is offer her the chalice at mass before everyone gets in line. This is what happens at my parish.

What if they are celiacs and former drunkards who can’t touch the accident of alcohol?

:confused: then they act on that with common sense and no fuss of course…

Reminds me of when ten years ago I visited Lough Derg to deliver rosaries they had ordered,It was off season and they gave me free run of the place…

In the church a big sign advising coeliacs that there were gluten free hosts available…

You believe that a piece of bread is changed into the body of Christ and you believe that the wine is changed to the blood of Christ. You receive what you believe in (what you have faith in), that’s what I would say.

That’s the whole God creates evil, so I’m mad at him response.

Get her a copy of the Catechism (and yourself) and educate yourself on what God does and doesn’t do.

People from ancient times have believed that illness was a punishment from God.
It is not. God loves people with celiac just as He oves people with cancer, and any other serious medical issue
But the Church has been dealing with celiac for some time now, and one can simply notify the priest and all will be well.

The low gluten host is valid, and it is consecrated just as the other hosts.
Not all altar bread is purchased form the same sources, so there ARE varying types of hosts within the strict guidelines of the Church, so no two parishes are likely to have the same kind anyway. The poster that said a low gluten hose was somehow “less” is incorrect.
Also, those who suffer form this disease are welcomed and accomodations made for them at church.

This really a discussion to have with the parish priest.
It’s a non-issue.

I hope your friend reconsiders her relationship with Christ in the Eucharist.
God bless.

It is a “non-issue” if there are such hosts available. But the theoretical issue is still real, and in some places in the world there will not be such selections.

And suppose we take the alcoholic issue combined together.

Actually, we could go even further…

We are created to know, love, and serve God. It is the basic meaning of human existence. So why would God create severe mental illness? Someone with phenylketoneuria can’t really do any of those things, it seems.

The first response is that God does not create evil, since evil is a lack of good and so doesn’t ever exist except as “a lack” of something. The virus isn’t the problem, it is the lack of the ability to stand up, or to breathe, or to think straight that is the problem.

The second response is that God allows evil to occur to us on account of the sin of Adam.

The third response is that whatever God allows to happen to us that afflicts us in anyway, He has designed as our means of glorifying Him through trust and perseverance and faith and charity - if we are to be His disciples, we must pick up our cross and follow Him, right? The challenges and difficulties of our life are all personally provided for us by God, which is not a charge against Him but rather for Him… He never gives us something we don’t have the power not to overcome on behalf of His glory. Every struggle we endure is to our credit in Heaven, even a struggle that involves some kind of lack of normal communion with Him (such as not being able to receive Holy Communion or even not being able to use one’s reason for the entirety of life). How people deal with these is their way to destruction or to glory, and God expects in proportion with what He has provided. We all must suffer to obtain glory - it is a good that is only attained that way. So God allows us to suffer so that we can benefit eternally.

Some won’t understand and I heard it explained (the not understanding part) as a hold-over from the interaction in the Garden of Eden where the serpent says to Eve, "no you won’t die, you will become like gods…

So lots of us think we are like gods who understand GOOD and EVIL…

My hubby is in a wheel chair and has lots of physical difficulties with more piling on… I need to take care of him, but my health is going down too. My knees don’t work, arthritis is taking over. Why would God do this so I can’t take care of my husband who needs me???

No offense to your friend but, that’s seriously messed up. Then against self injury isn’t new in Catholicism. The Franciscan nuns, I believe that is there name, beat themselves with there (1-5lb)??? metal crosses they carry with them as repentance for there sins. The worse the bruise or cut the more successful the confession I believe. One might think it would hurt God to watch his children beat themselves or do anything to cause harm or severe pain to themselves in His name, not please Him.
But whatever floats your friends boat, I guess.:shrug:

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