Celibacy of the Priest Hood.

I am posting this in the None Catholic religious section due to many Lutherans being on the boards. Some of whom are highly intelligent and insightful. I want to post a link to Rev. Paul McCain’s blog. He is discussing the Smalcald Articles Part III Article XI. This is directed to the celibacy of the priest hood and how he and Luther seem to think it is absurd. Here is the link.

I also directed Mr. McCain to my web page with a refutation. Here is the link to my blog.


I would like to get others opinions on this pro and con.

I like your point concerning the voluntary nature of priestly celibacy.

I believe, however, that there can be a degree of force or at least pressure that comes from the sense of obligation when a man is thrust into the priesthood for political or familial purposes. I suppose the man can say no, run away, or resist, but then he would be disobeying his parents’ wishes. Not so common now, but I can see it as being a possible issue in past centuries, as during Luther’s time.

The problem with the Protestant solution is that celibacy becomes unheard of. As my Protestant friends have told me, if a man is single when he becomes pastor, the congregation makes sure that he has a wife.

First thank you. I agree in the past that may have been a issue. It seems as you say in the last paragraph that the shoe may be on the other foot now in reversal. Almost a coursed or arranged wedding.

Celibacy!? Who called me? :smiley:

Something I wanted to add is how it seems that Rev. McCain seemed to show a huge dislike of the idea of celibacy by trudging up the sex scandels. It rely seemed to show a negative tone that I guess should not of suprised me. It rely seemed to rub me the wrong way. I normly have a relitivly high opinion of Rev. McCain. He obviously is entiteled to his opinion no mater how far off base I think it is.

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