Cell phone companies are delaying donations to Japan by as long as 90 days

change.org/petitions/stop-the-delay-on-donations-to-japan-2#?opt_new=t It’s a leftist site, but they get some things right. I’d just call the companies, or you’ll get change.org’s leftist petitions (I thought I should let Nigeria know they shouldn’t execute gays). Use Caritas. Less money’ll be kept 4 their operations.
Is the site not saying everything?

The petition may not be the site in question’s, but the site mentions Planned Parenthood supporting orgs. They probably keep more than Caritas (CRS’s division in Japan, I think) does for operating costs.

Wow, a 90 day float by the phone companies…That’s a lot of interest skimmed off the top of donations to Japan. How about Catholic Relief Services? CRS is working with Caritas on Japan relief, and has one of the highest possible pass-throughs of any charitable organization at 95% going to real and actual aid. CSR is so trustworthy that the federal government uses them to warehouse and distribute food to the needy all across the world. CSR is a sweet deal for people who want a lot of bang for the buck. Here’s their Japan mission link and God bless them and all who help them:


Thanks for the link!

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