Celtic Alleluia

The organist at our church would like to do the Celtic Alleluia by Fintan O’Carroll for Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday. She found some links on YouTube but we haven’t been able to come across any sheet music and this being Holy Week I doubt we could order anything and have it in time to practice it. I don’t normally make such request but I was wondering if anyone had the sheet music and would be willing to lend a copy?


It is in most hymnals by the major publishing houses. It is fairly common and should be easy to locate.

The Keyboard Accompaniment for the “Celtic Alleluia” can be downloaded from OCP’s website and printed right off your music director’s computer for only $2.00.

Just go to ocp.org and type in “Celtic Alleluia” in the search engine. I cannot post the link because I have been having problems with their website.

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