Celtic Spirituality


I am taking a History class on Medieval Ireland. There is a paper coming up on Celtic Christian Spirituality. I would like to have soem truly Catholic resources on anything about Irish History and Religion. If I have to read one more whiney thing about how evil the Catholic church was in Ireland I am going to puke. Just the facts–but in Catholic perspective. God bless you all


Although it may be a bit earlier than you’re looking for, there is a book about Early Christian Ireland called “Saint Patrick’s World” by Liam de Paor, published by Four Courts Press, Dublin. I never got to read the whole book, but it contains interesting accounts of the early Irish saints and how Christianity developed initially in Ireland. It also contains St Patrick’s own writings - his ‘Confessio’ and his letter.

If you are interested in looking at how Celtic Spirituality is reflected in music, you could look at the music of Fr Liam Lawton. Celtic Spirituality developed with a strong respect for nature - seeing God in every aspect of the natural world. Liam Lawton’s music, generally, is not my cup of tea, but it is a good example of how modern music can reflect Early Christian Spirituality. Two volumes of music by him are “Light the Fire” and “The Cloud’s Veil: the Song of the Celtic Soul”.

Regarding your request for facts only and no whining about how evil the Catholic Church in Ireland was, I will just say this: normally these “whiney” (actually very serious) accounts crop up in the history of twentieth-century Ireland. However if you are truly interested in examining the facts objectively, and you reach this period of Irish history, you are going to come across some facts which are hard to swallow - no one will deny the great work the Church did in Ireland, but there were also severe abuses of power by certain people within the Church in Ireland which cannot simply be blotted out from a reasonable & objective study.


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