Cemetery Question

As I look down the list of forums I wasn’t sure where to put this question. Since in involves “family,” I decided to put it here.

I am Catholic. DH is not. Most of his extended family is buried in Cemetery A. Most of my extended family is buried in Cemetery B, which is also a Catholic cemetery.

My question: Must a Catholic be buried in a Catholic cemetery? Under what conditions can a non-Catholic be buried in a Catholic cemetery?

Hopefully it will be a long time before this becomes a pressing issue, but the thought of being buried across town from each other is bothering me. :harp:

It is not required that a Catholic be buried in a Catholic Cemetery. For some who live at a distance from one, it would be a great burden. Except for military cemeteries, you may find that Catholic ones charge a great deal less for burial, plots, etc. This is because they are not-for-profit. There are benefits to Catholic Cemeteries. The ground is blessed, and Masses are often held several times a year. Check things out to see what is best for your situation.

I too have been looking into a cemetery. My wife is not Catholic. Personally, I want a crypt. :slight_smile:

I’m only 36, but its never too early to plan :o

I live where there are no Catholic cemeteries and none probably within 100 miles of here. As far as I know all of the Catholics are buried in the cemeteries we do have without issue.

The Church does not require Catholics to be buried in a Catholic cemetery. It is recommended, if possible, because Mass is often offered for all those buried in a particular cemetery, and because the entire cemetery has been consecrated for the purpose of Christian burial. If the entire cemetery has not been consecrated, the priest will bless the individual grave at the time of burial. Our diocese at home, the Diocese of Arlington, VA, is a realitively new diocese, and does not yet have a cemetery, so you see that burial in a Catholic cemetery cannot be required.

Thanks everyone.

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