Censoring Opus


Censoring Opus

NEW YORK At least 25 of the 200 or so “Opus” client newspapers might not run the Sunday-only comic’s next two episodes, which feature Islamic references and a sex joke.

That’s according to Washington Post Writers Group Executive Sales Manager Karisue Wyson, when contacted today by E&P. WPWG Editorial Director/General Manager Alan Shearer added that more than 25 clients might not use the strips because the syndicate hasn’t heard from about 150 of the 200 papers it alerted.

“Whenever something lands close to the edge, we give editors enough notice” in case they want to run substitute comics, said Shearer.

Berkeley Breathed’s Aug. 26 and Sept. 2 strips — which comprise sort of a two-part series — show the Lola Granola character wanting to become an Islamic radicalist (and wear traditional Muslim clothing) because it’s a “hot new fad on the planet.” Content also includes what Shearer described as “a sex joke a little stronger than we normally see.”

You can view the comic here. The “sex joke” is her boyfriend’s apparent delight when she says she will “no longer resist a man’s natural place”, followed by his realisation that her new-found faith will preclude her having pre-marital relations with him anymore.
Btw, one of the papers that found this too hot to handle is the Washington Post.

If anything in the comic is offensive it is describing Islam as a “hot new fad”.

Mr. Breathed has decided to veer off into immoral sexual territory on a few occasions. I am glad newspapers are refusing to run such trash.

Also, the “comics” pages have turned more toward political propaganda themes, and are rarely about entertainment. One reason I’ve stopped buying newspapers.

God bless,

Actually, I thought the strip was funny as could be. And I am burning mad that the WaPo decided to censor it ahead of time because it might offend some oh so sensitive muslim when they had no qualms at all running a strip that poked fun at the late Jerry Falwell.

This is sick! Censoring Cartoons for poking fun at Radical Islam?! Come on. This is nuts. Goes to show that the pacifist perverts won the day!


We’re like a dead horse.:shrug:

“pacifist perverts”? Did you send them an e-mail? I think they did the right thing.

God bless,

The comic is not sexually explicit and is no worse then what the Breathed puts out anyway. I have several of the books and there’s a worse but, again, nothing explicit. And it isn’t mocking Islam… it’s mocking RADICAL Islam.

Just the media trying to be politically correct :rolleyes:

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