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No matter the outcome of the confirmation vote, this should happen. She should be ashamed of how she used Dr. Ford.


Opinion, not news.

But, I guess whatever floats the author’s boat.


I read the article. I was looking to see how the writer would explain away the role of Dr. Ford’s request to keep her information secret. Much to my surprise, the issue was totally ignored. The writer does not even mention the confidentiality request and the role it might have played in affecting the timing of the release. The author should have at least made an attempt to explain away that detail, but he just pretended it was not there!

Wasn’t really looking for a critique on the article but a discussion on its topic. If the senate subcommittee has the power and authority to investigate all witnesses, in a confidential manner, why did Feinstein not bring it to full the committee earlier? She could have also asked the FBI to investigate during this time period, also in a confidential manner, respecting Dr. Ford’s wishes. Instead she spent the time procuring lawyers for Dr. Ford. Why was that?


Hear hear!

The accusations against Kavanaugh, lacking evidence, are opinion, too


Since we are dismissing the article and going straight to discussing the issue, I will point out that we don’t know the exact nature of the initial confidentiality request from Dr. Ford. She might have said she did not trust having her story shared even within the committee. As for asking for an FBI investigation, it is quite clear that Senator Feinstein does not have the authority to order and FBI investigation on her own, especially if she is constrained from telling them these critical details, like who the assault was supposedly against. I really don’t see anything else Feinstein could have done, short of violating the trust of Dr. Ford.

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Except to someone who knows for sure because she was the victim.

Which trust she violated, by leaking the letter. Either she leaked it willingly with political ill intent, or she is massively incompetent. In either case she should be censored if we are to believe that Congressional rules have any real meaning.


Victim of what? Save the FBI some time and spill the beans.

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Nice partisan hackery, bro. You know as well as I do there are distinctions between the two.

Opinion pieces are not news sources. We learn that in Freshman English.


She claims that neither she nor her staff leaked the letter.

I am speaking hypothetically.

I suspect many of the left would agree, as she looked really bad in this whole affair and didn’t do them any favors. Now of Kavanaugh isnt confirmed, and Trump somehow doesnt seat a Justice, it would have likely been worth it from her perspective.

But the odds of that are nil. It is going to be Kavanaugh, or another equally competent man or woman to take the seat. And then what does she have to show for it?

Roger. Characters

I know that’s what she claimed. She also suggested that Ford herself leaked the letter when pressed. So we are supposed to simultaneously believe that Ford was so adamant that her accusation remain confidential that Feinstein couldn’t even mention it the the Judiciary Committee for them to look into AND that Ford leaked the letter herself at the 11th hour just before Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote because presumably she really wanted to get her confidential accusation out there. It is beyond belief.

Ford btw denies that either her or her attorneys leaked the letter. So one of these impeccable character witnesses is lying through their teeth. I’ll take the career politician with a political motive for $500 please, Alex.


There are many ways in which it could have leaked. Unless you know for sure, your guesses are just speculation.


Yeah and it’s possible that Nicole Brown Simpson fell down the stairs and inadvertently stabbed herself multiple times in the neck and hands and that OJ couldn’t stop for police because he was late for picking the kids up from school.


As a professional association president, I have personally been in the position of having someone at work report to me sexually inappropriate behavior by a supervisor - someone who had not decided to personally file a report. I was not asked to keep the report confidential. However, I told the victim that I while would go with her to make the report, I would not make the report on her behalf. In my opinion, the serious, intimate nature of a report of this sort requires that the victim personally make the accusation.

In a routine meeting with the Superintendent of Schools I advised him that I had such a report but refused to share any details with him. I told the victim that the superintendent was aware that such a report had been made to me, but that I had not shared her name nor the name of the person she accused. She ultimately made a report, and the person she accused subsequently took early retirement because - unbeknown to me - there were other similar instances of inappropriate behavior. Also, his wife divorced him.

If I had been in Senator Feinstein’s position, I probably would have done just what she did - but I’m not sure that I would have shared the accusation with the FBI although I’m pretty sure that in this case it was the right thing to do.

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