Census Bureau: Gay Marriages Won't Count in 2010

Census Bureau: Gay Marriages Won’t Count in 2010

WASHINGTON — Same-sex marriage is legal in two states, but not a single one will show up in the 2010 census.

The Census Bureau says the federal Defense of Marriage Act bars the agency from recognizing gay marriages in the nation’s 10-year count, even though the marriages are legal in Massachusetts and California.

The agency’s director, Steven Murdock, said in an interview Thursday that the 1996 federal law "has that effect, in terms of being a federal agency. We are restricted by it."

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I recently read an article about how a government agency, I think the Census Bureau, is keeping stats on cohabiting couples. I presume it’s a lot easier to guess numbers of opposite sex unmarried couples than same sex couples (whether legally joined or otherwise), since same sex roommates are much more common.

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Wait, who really cares?

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