Census: Colorado sees 60 percent increase in same-sex couples

The number of same-sex couples living in Colorado has increased 60 percent over the past decade, about triple the growth rate of all households in the state, according to new census data released Wednesday.

Almost one-fourth of the same-sex couples are raising children, the data show.

The census identifies couples as same-sex when a person describes her or his relationship with someone of the same gender, living in the same household, as either “husband/wife” or “unmarried partner.”


I don’t doubt that a great deal of this is due to people moving to Colorado, but at the same time I think it strongly implies a real increase in the total amount of homosexuality going on in our culture.

If people are just genetically homosexual, then an increase of same-sex couples should imply a decrease in other places. Are we seeing a decrease anywhere? I doubt it. I’ve certainly never heard of such a pattern, especially not one proportionate to this one.

This is a huge social movement, and it will have severe implications.

God Bless,

No kidding. The only thing that Adam and Steve can make if they try to procreate are friction burns.

lol AWESOME!!!

Colorado has a population of 5 million people. This story says the number of homosexual couples increase from 10,000 to 16,000. That is an increase to .032 % of the populace from .02% Hardly a significant figure

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