Census Department 'rigged' the unemployment rates that came out in the final months of 2012 presidential election



You could add this to the list of scandals in Obamaland, but the only one that really upset the press was illegal spying on the Associated Press.

If administration policies are really best for America, why do his followers need to use voting fraud, IRS fraud, Census fraud; lie in speeches about health insurance, terrorism, funding of abortion, and almost every time they open their mouths?


I heard about this when I was watching the news (which was on FOX) today. If this is true, which it seriously might be, it is vile and downright horrible. Lying is a horrible sin and he truly isn’t helping himself out in his situation.


This is not a scandal. The unemployment numbers are all ESTIMATES and this variance is within the 5% margin of error. It is no different then a poll. Besides a .3 difference in the unemployment rate is not going to sway the electorate. What this newspaper and it’s anonymous source are doing is creating a falsehood in an attempt to smear the President.


Isn’t it true that you can only tell so many falsehoods before you stick your foot in one???


When an employee is told to inflate the number of calls he was making so that the numbers
would paint a better picture of unemployment, you don’t think it’s a scandal? Sorry, but I
thought back then that their figures were wrong, guess I was right.


7.8/8.1 is 9.X%. that’s certainly not within the 5% margin of error.

And its actually even worse than this because the question asked of these people was not “are you employed?”, but rather, “are you receiving unemployment benefits?”, meaning that all those people who had run out of their 99 weeks were, according to the census bureau, no longer unemployed. Real numbers were somewhere between 15 and 20% in 2012.


0.3/7.8 is less than 4%. So yes it is within the MoE.


In no way surprising.

If they lied about Benghazi for political advantage, they would hardly have qualms of conscience about something like this.


Government bureaucracies such as the IRS and the Census becoming lackies for Democratic politicians in the administration is corruption of the highest order.


Next let’s look at who’s rigging the CPI numbers.


You are hopeless. They were intentionally manipulating the numbers for political gain. And if it wasn’t going to sway the electorate, then why manipulate them?


If an organized group conspiring to lie to the American people does not constitute a scandal, what does?

You had me convinced of the rational side of the argument you were making right up until the ‘besides’.
Then it completely fell apart.

No it’s not.
If I am to believe what you said, then the .3 difference had no effect. And the newspaper and source are simply reporting on a trivial matter that ultimately meant nothing.

Which is it?


that’s not how you calculate margin of error, though.


This does not surprise me at all! They fudge numbers all the time when it comes to the economy, and everyone just believes whatever numbers they give us, even the media!!

But this can only go on for so long, and cannot last long, eventually the house of cards fall down. I go as far to say our TRUE debt amount is much much more than the number they tell us. I think if most americans were to find out the true amounts, people would be jumping from windows and there would be mass chaos from everyone trying to leave the country at once.


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